Funeral Directors Burwood

Templeton Family Funeral Directors Burwood

Templeton Family Funeral Directors Burwood are a professional family business servicing the Burwood and surrounding areas.

All funeral arrangements require a professional approach. Templeton Family Funerals Burwood value the courage and discretion required from families to organize their loved one’s final farewell, our compassionate team can discuss a comprehensive plan at our comfortable office or the privacy of your own home.

The sudden passing of a loved one can be an unexpected financial expense, we recognize this, and have a variety of low cost coffins and services, instead of full service funerals, a direct cremation may be a better option. No matter what your budget Templeton Family Funeral Directors Burwood can organize a funeral plan to suit you. Love is not measured by the amount of money spent on a funeral. We are dedicated to ensuring that your loved one is cared for with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Funerals are a tribute to a loved one, usually embracing their personality through photos, music, eulogy’s, general paraphernalia that contributed to their life. Having a modern funeral could include a brightly painted coffin, and a souvenir of their favourite footy team, adding personal touches is an affectionate   way to “Celebrate a Life Once Lived”.

Deciding on a Memorial Park/Cemetery can be the most important decision. There are venues throughout Melbourne, South, North, and East Regions, costs involved differ depending on the suburb, making the right decision is paramount, ensuring it is accessible from where you live, this gives peace of mind so you can frequently visit. We are happy to discuss all the options available and implement a plan that would suit you.

Our team is very proud to offer quality tailored funerals with compassion and loyalty to all our clients. Over the years we have been rewarded with many friendships and find it a deep privilege to offer assistance and guidance through a very difficult time in your life.

Call the ladies at Templeton Family Funeral Directors Burwood on 9706 9555 for a free consultation with our friendly staff.

Funeral Directors Burwood
Templeton Family Funeral Directors Burwood. Lady Funeral directors Burwood.
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