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Templeton Family Funeral Directors Reservoir

Templeton Family Funeral Directors Reservoir are a long established Funeral business servicing Reservoir and the surrounding suburbs.

Arranging a funeral can be a very daunting task, there are so many details to consider i.e., burial/cremation, coffin/casket, venue, flowers, tributes, music, green funerals, pall bearers, eulogy, photos, cemetery, etc., At Templeton Family Funeral Directors Reservoir we offer a comprehensive service covering all aspects of funeral arrangements. We also understand that a funeral can become an unplanned expense, nothing is too big or too small! we can accommodate all budgets. We will always strive to do everything possible to meet your needs.

Our family at Templeton Family Funeral Directors Reservoir pride ourselves on always being sincere and loyal to our valued clients, which has rewarded us with many friendships and recommendations over the years.

Templeton Funeral Directors Reservoir have been in the industry for over 15 years. Every funeral is a very personal experience for everyone. Some can be extravagant with a theme to celebrate a happy and fulfilled life. There can also be tragic circumstances that require a quieter funeral service. We understand that a funeral can be a very cost sensitive issue and offer several low budget cremation options which are conducted with empathy and care at all times.

A lot of people decide on a Memorial Park/Cemetery, knowing they can visit at any time can be comforting and healing, accessibility from where you live is important. There are venues all over Melbourne, North, South and East Regions. Purchasing a plot can be a costly affair depending on the suburb, like all real estate they are price sensitive. Templeton Family Funeral Directors Reservoir can support you through these decisions and liaise on your behalf.

At Templeton Family Funerals Reservoir we like to encourage our clients to express their feelings and do the Funeral “Their Way”. With years of experience we have found that saying good bye to a loved one is always difficult and there is No Wrong Way and No Right Way. It is simply what feels right for you. Our friendly team will discuss all necessary details either in our comfortable office or the privacy of your own home to ensure that your loved ones farewell is exactly the way you want it.

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Call Templeton Family Funeral Directors Reservoir on 9706 9555 for a free no obligation consultation.

funeral directors Reservoir

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