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Templeton Family Funerals Surrey Hills are a well-respected funeral business servicing Surrey Hills and the surrounding suburbs.

There is a lot involved when arranging a funeral, having a memorable farewell to your loved one is important. There is a lot to consider when organizing a funeral i.e. burial, cremation, eulogy, coffin/casket, funeral venues, catering, photos, music, clothes, funeral notices, transport etc. Templeton Family Funerals Surrey Hills have over 15 years’ experience in the industry and know what’s important and required to have a “Celebration of Life Ceremony”.

Most funerals are based around a funeral theme, honouring a life “Once Lived” there is a traditional funeral which is usually a burial, limousine hearse, church service followed by a wake. A more modern approach is becoming popular with a Harley sidecar, or our elegant horse drawn carriage, a colourful coffin with doves or balloons, a beach service, or sporting venue etc. there are lots of ways to appropriately reflect a personality, there is no right or wrong way.

An unexpected funeral can be a financial family stress that is not planned for, Templeton Family Funerals understand this and offer full service funerals, to low cost direct cremations, we can meet in the comfort of your own home or our relaxing office to discuss a comprehensive plan within your budget. Purchasing a pre-planned, prepaid funeral is a wonderful gift to those left behind, knowing “You Did It Your Way” can be a comfort to everyone.

Templeton Family Funerals Surrey Hills provide a high level of support, respect and attention to detail for a child or baby funeral, we will gently and compassionately guide you through all the necessities, we really do care, and offer our services 24/7 to all your needs.

At Templeton Family Funerals we offer a pre-paid funeral service plan. It is reassuring to know that you can prearrange the funeral of your choice that reflects your life taking the burden away from family and is comforting for everyone knowing that your funeral service is done exactly the way you want it.

A memorial park/cemetery, can be an ideal choice, knowing you can visit your departed loved one’s memorial can be comforting, it should be accessible to where you live. There are various funeral venues in Melbourne, which we are happy to recommend and negotiate on your behalf.

Templeton Family Funerals Surrey Hills are a delightful lady funeral business, phone 9706 9555 for a no obligation consultation.

Funeral Directors Surrey Hills
Templeton Family Funerals servicing Surrey Hills and surrounding suburbs