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At Templeton Family Funerals Green Funerals Melbourne we support and understand when families are looking to have an environmentally sensitive service. Green Funerals and natural burials are now important to many families. Families who elect to have a green funeral will request that their loved one not be embalmed. The deceased will most likely be wrapped in a shroud (or other simple, biodegradable clothing or a container of the family’s choosing) before laying them to rest directly in the earth.

We have coffin and casket selections made of plantation timber, wool, wicker baskets and a cardboard selection available, that offegreen funerals natural burialsr low toxic emissions and made from recycled and renewable sourced materials for cremation and burial.

We have the ability to use 100% recycled paper for any service stationery and Memorial books.

Floral selections can be made with 100% plant material (no plastic bases and ribbon).

All mortuary care will be done with the utmost respect to your loved one and the environment.

When someone dies it can be very overwhelming. We understand that you may feel lost and confused but Templeton Family Funeral Directors Green Funeral Service will take care of all the immediate things which need to be organised as well as planning the next step to put your mind at ease.

We can guide families through the choices available and the cemeteries who have dedicated green burial sites.

Call Templeton Family Funeral directors Green Funerals Melbourne on 9706 9555 for a no obligation free consultation.

Wicker Basket coffin for green funeral
Wicker Basket $1690
green environmental funerals natural burials green funerals
Woollen $2150
Natural Eco Cardboard $1250
Natural Eco Cardboard $1250