coffins springvale-botanical-cemeteryTempleton Family Funerals supply a wide range of coffins and caskets, from the most simple to the  elaborate, we can even arrange the coffin or casket to be painted a colour of your choice or friends and family can personalise the coffin with messages and photo's.

All of our coffins & caskets are of the highest quality and manufactured in Australia by an Australian company.

The difference between a coffin and a casket is the shape and how the lid is attached. Coffins are tapered at the head and foot, wider at the shoulders and have a removable lid. Caskets are rectangular in shape and the lid is hinged.

Choosing a coffin may be a difficult task,  we can help you with your decision by finding out your needs and financial situation,  however the final decision is with you.

We are experienced in all aspects of funeral arranging and will deal sensitively with this part of arranging the funeral.  We will always be on hand to deal with any questions or queries that you may have in helping you make the choice.

Adelle - $2,400Adelle - $2,495

Davidson - $2,600 Davidson - $2,895

Blackwood Monty - $2,900Blackwood Monty - $3,750

BellaBella - $995

ConradConrad - $1,295

Stirling - $1,795

Duchess - $2,895

Patriot $3,000 Patriot - $3,750

Phoenix - $1,640Phoenix - $1,795

Country Oak - $1,495

Enviro - $2,195

The Ranger - $2,195

Montrose- $2,195

Victoria Teak Victoria Teak - $2,495

Swan White - $2,495