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The Templeton Family Funeral Directors Beaumaris are a long-standing Family Funeral Service in the Beaumaris and surrounding areas. Our fully trained staff have a high commitment to customer service.

Our team at Templeton Family Funeral directors Beaumaris have a deep understanding how traumatic losing a loved one can be and offer professional services to all funeral requirements in Beaumaris and surrounding suburbs.

Our family prides itself on loyalty and sincerity always ensuring our clients are happy which has led to many referrals over the years.

We at Templeton Family Funeral Directors Beaumaris can organise all the necessary requirements for that important day from small details like tissues to large funeral processions, no request Is ever an inconvenience we will always try to do our best to rectify any concerns.

Most funerals are based around a Celebration of Life Ceremony. This can become very overwhelming and sometimes challenging when dealing with your own family members we are very patient when it comes to arranging funerals in the Beaumaris area, we can answer all your questions like, how do we celebrate a life, what is required, who will attend the service, where should the service take place, should we have flowers, music, eulogy’s, Templeton Family Funeral directors Beaumaris can hold your hand through the whole process to make it as easy and painless as possible.

Templeton Family Funerals Beaumaris also offer pre-paid funerals

No death is easy to deal with whether it is a friend or family member, older or a young person whom has just left too soon, this is an especially difficult time, with our long-standing time in the industry we have become experts at listening to all requirements ensuring that the funeral service is all you desire.

Trying to decide on burial or cremation can be a hard decision, burials and cremations require a casket which can be made from various materials i.e. Cardboard, a “green” environmentally friendly coffin, ply wood, metal, steel etc. if cremation is chosen then you may wish to keep the ashes in a precious urn, at Templeton Family Funerals Beaumaris we have a wide variety of coffins/caskets and urns to choose from.


Call the ladies at Templeton Family Funeral Directors Beaumaris on 9706 9555, Let’s Do It Your Way!

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