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Templeton Family Funeral Directors Belgrave

Templeton Family Funeral Directors Belgrave are a local family funeral business operating in the Belgrave and surrounding areas.

We are a devoted female team who have a high standard of customer service. Our ability to help make a difficult situation a little easier has always been our pleasure. We will always respect your wishes to ensure each funeral is done exactly Your Way!

There are lots of decisions when arranging a funeral service, it can become overwhelming, burial or cremation, coffin, venue, wake, flowers, music, eulogy, photos, etc., Templeton Family Funeral Directors Belgrave are unique and dedicated to all funeral arrangements. We offer a comprehensive breakdown to make each decision easy and offer affordable options to suit every situation.

A Full Service Cremation or burial: A traditional theme with a church service and burial with a limousine hearse and a wake. To a more popular horse and carriage with a choice of butterflies, balloons or doves. Services can also be held in the privacy of your own back yard to sporting venues, the beach etc., there are lots of choices and decisions to be made, Templeton Family Funeral Directors Belgrave have over 15 years’ experience and can guide you through each decision making it a memorable story of your loved one.

No Service Cremation: is a low budget option, you may be fulfilling your loved ones wishes. The cremation is conducted professionally without the family or friends present. Families can then choose a private or public Celebration of Life Memorial at a later date with or without their loved one’s ashes present.

Graveside Service is an affordable alternative where the entire service is held at the graveside.

The sudden loss of a loved one can also become an unexpected financial stress. Templeton Family Funeral Directors Belgrave offer a pre-planned, pre-paid funeral plan, like organizing a will, you can organize your funeral arrangements exactly the way you want. It can be very comforting to know that your wishes will be respected and not a burden to those left behind.

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Phone our friendly team at Templeton Family Funeral Directors Belgrave on 9706 9555 for a free no obligation consultation.

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