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Templeton Family Funeral Directors Chadstone are a boutique Mother and Daughters’ family company servicing in the Chadstone and surrounding areas.

Arranging a funeral is a sensitive time, there are so many details involved, and can be very confusing.  Templeton Family Funeral Directors Chadstone have been in the industry for over 15 years, we know exactly how to organise a funeral, from a large public service to a small intermit family service. Our comprehensive packages will suit any type of funeral you desire.

A funeral can be an unexpected financial burden, Templeton Family Funeral Directors Chadstone understand this and have adopted very affordable options to meet any budget. A service can be held in either a chapel, church, reception centre, sporting club or even the privacy of your home or garden, followed by a cremation or burial. Burial plots do vary in price depending on Cemetery, we can offer guidance and liaise on your behalf.

A direct cremation may be the wish of your loved one, this is when the cremation is conducted with all the empathy and care but without the family or friends present. Families can then choose a private or public Celebration of Life Memorial at a later date with or without their loved one’s ashes present.

Templeton Family Funeral Directors Chadstone hold funeral services at many different receptions all over Melbourne. The Gables in Malvern is a beautiful venue where services can be held in their ballroom or garden.  With most funerals after a service follows a wake, this is an opportunity to share memories with family and friends and pay respects to those left behind.  Finding a funeral venue can be complicated, as the exact number of people attending a wake is unpredictable, with personal history, we have a formula to guesstimate how many to cater for at a wake.

Our expertise in Funeral Arrangements has been our greatest pleasure, we are 100% committed and empathetic to your ongoing needs offering our services 24/7.  We have been rewarded with genuine friendships and ongoing high recommendations over the years.

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“Templeton’s provides a genuine caring experience. Unlike some of the big franchise type funeral homes, the Templeton family take a personal approach as its their business. They were very organised and helpful and took the time to make the whole experience (which is such a sad time) much more bearable. The venue where we had Mum’s funeral said to me they had never worked with such professional, caring funeral directors before. I hope I don’t have to organise a funeral again, but it I did, I would call the Templeton Ladies”

Phone 9706 9555 and let our wonderful ladies at Templeton Family Funeral Directors Chadstone guide you through this difficult time in your life.

Funeral directors Chadstone
Funeral Directors Chadstone – Lady Funeral Directors Chadstone