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Funeral Directors Clayton

Templeton Family Funeral Directors Clayton are a highly respected business operating in the Clayton and surrounding areas for over 15 years.

Organising of a funeral can be a very daunting task, there are so many details to consider i.e. burial, cremation, coffin/casket, venue, funeral flower arrangements, funeral tributes, music, pall bearers, eulogy, photos, cemetery, etc. At Templeton Family Funeral Directors Clayton we offer a comprehensive service covering all aspects of funeral arrangements, we can arrange to meet in the privacy of your own home or our comfortable office to work out a funeral service that will suit all you desire.

Our family prides itself on loyalty and sincerity always ensuring our clients are happy, which has rewarded us with many friendships and recommendations over the years.

A Traditional Funeral Service consists of Limousine Hire, burial, church service and a wake, however a more modern theme is becoming more popular with a Harley Davidson Sidecar, or we have available our lovely Horse Drawn Carriage. Services can also be held at a Sporting Ground, beach, or privacy of your own backyard, no request is too small or too big.

The death of a baby or child is a tragic experience, and requires a gentle approach, we offer our “Angel Service” supporting and guiding you all the way. We genuinely care, and offer our services 24/7 to help you through this very difficult time.

The unexpected death of a family member can cause a financial strain, we understand this, and have very affordable packages to suit any budget.

At Templeton Family Funeral Directors Clayton we offer a pre-paid funeral service plan. It is reassuring to know that you can prearrange the funeral of your choice that reflects your life taking the burden away from family and is comforting for everyone knowing that your funeral service is done exactly the way you want it. Also Visit Pre-paid Funerals Melbourne for advice, information and prices on what you want and plan for your funeral.

A lot of people decide on a Memorial Park/Cemetery, as they feel comforted knowing they can visit their loved ones, it is important to choose a place that is accessible to where you live. There are funeral venues all over Melbourne, North, South and East Regions. Purchasing a plot can be a costly affair depending on the suburb, like all real estate they are price sensitive, Templeton Family Funeral Directors Clayton can help with your decisions and liaise on your behalf.

Call Templeton Family Funeral Directors Clayton on 9706 9555 for free no obligation consultation with our friendly staff.

Funeral Directors Clayton
Templeton Family Funeral Directors Clayton servicing Clayton and surrounding Melbourne suburbs