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Templeton Family Funeral Directors Greensborough

Templeton Family Funeral Directors Greensborough offer quality tailored funerals in the Greensborough and surrounding suburbs.

Planning a funeral is a sensitive time in everyone’s life, trying to sort out details can become exhausting, what type of funeral service, burial, cremation, funeral venues, eulogy, photos, church, clothes, transport, music etc. Templeton Family Funeral Directors Greensborough have been in the industry over 15 years and have assisted many families through a very difficult time in their lives, dedication and compassion has rewarded us with loyal friendships and ongoing recommendations. Let us support you through each decision so you will be fulfilled with a lifetime of precious memories.

With no preplanning, a funeral can become a sudden financial stress. Templeton Family Funeral Directors Greensborough, know that love is not measured by how much is spent on a funeral, with this in mind, we offer high end full service funerals with a large venue, to low cost direct cremation, no matter what size, we are committed to caring for your loved one with the dignity and respect they deserve. We also offer pre planned/prepaid funerals to those wanting their wishes honoured and to “Do It Their Way”.

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Templeton Family Funeral Directors Greensborough are a dedicated all lady funeral business offering a high quality service to all your funeral arrangements, whether it is a traditional funeral with a limousine hearse, church, burial and wake or modern themed funeral with an elegant horse and carriage, colourful coffin draped with AFL team paraphernalia, or perhaps a fire brigade hearse etc. we can accommodate any request, it is important on the day to create a tribute to your loved one, by gathering information we are able to honour a life with affection and respect.

One of the most tragic events is the loss of a baby or child, a precious life gone too soon, all our care is devoted to your needs 24/7, we will hold your hand and guide you softly through every funeral detail, we sincerely and genuinely care.

Call the ladies at Templeton Family Funeral Directors Greensborough on 9706 9555 for a friendly no obligation consultation in the comfort of our office or the privacy of your own home.

Funeral Directors Greensborough
Templeton Family Funeral Directors Greensborough, servicing Greensborough and surrounding suburbs