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Templeton Family Funeral Directors Hastings 

Templeton Family Funeral Directors Hastings are a well-known business that has been operating in the Hastings and surrounding areas for over 15 years.

We offer a unique and friendly service provided by woman to make each funeral a memorable occasion with dignity and respect.

A lot of people enjoy the comfort of being able to visit their departed loved ones at a cemetery/memorial park so it is important to make sure it is accessible for you to visit, purchasing a plot is price sensitive depending on the suburb, i.e. in the city is a higher premium compared to outer suburbs or the country at Templeton Family Funeral Directors Hastings we are happy to guide you through this and can recommend cemeteries/memorial parks in the area.

With the passing of a loved one brings not only grief but also compounding decisions that can affect all family members and become very stressful and challenging, at Templeton Family Funeral Directors Hastings we understand how at times you can feel quite vulnerable and overwhelmed, with time and patience we can guide you through every step.

Each funeral is a very personal experience for everyone, and there is no right way or wrong way, whether you like a modern theme, with a sidecar Harley Davidson or more traditional with a limousine Hearse, we can gather information to make a beautiful mosaic and a Celebration of Life Ceremony.

Templeton Family Funeral Directors Hasting also offer pre-paid funerals

The death of a child or baby is a tragic event, that needs to be handled very delicately Templeton family funeral directors Hastings offer our “Angel Service” gently assisting you all the way to make those hard decisions a little easier what type of coffin, clothes, viewing, if you would like butterflies, doves or balloons we are there to help you “Do it your Way”.


Call the ladies at Templeton Family Funeral Directors Hastings on 9706 9555, Let’s Do It Your Way!

Templeton Family funeral directors Hastings - caring and helpful - funerals your way.

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