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Templeton Family Funeral Directors Heathmont

Templeton Family Funeral Directors Heathmont are a family owned and operated business operating in the Heathmont and surrounding areas.

A proud family company that takes pride in providing the utmost respect and care to their client families’. With over 15 years’ experience in the funeral industry Templeton Family Funeral Directors Heathmont have an eye for detail to make sure all of the families’ wishes are met.

Organising a funeral can be a daunting task; there are so many things to consider. Our team of dedicated Ladies are available day or night to discuss the many different funeral service options available.
Each funeral is a very personal experience for everyone; you may choose a church service rather than chapel. Why not hold a service at home or at the Akoonah Park Centre. We have lots of ideas to suit each personality whether it is a Harley Motorbike hearse or horse drawn cart funeral. We can arrange balloons, doves and even butterflies.

It is becoming more popular for people to pre purchase their funeral, so they can organise the day exactly as they would like, it can be uplifting for family and friends on the day knowing that their departed loved one did it their way. Also Visit Pre-paid Funerals Melbourne for advice, information and prices on what you want and plan for your funeral.

Why call Templeton Family Funeral Directors Heathmont?

Call the ladies at Templeton Family Funeral Directors Heathmont on 9706 9555 with any questions you may have on holding a personalised service for your love one. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, We genuinely care and feel very privileged to be by your side helping to guide you through a difficult situation.


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We have been in the industry a long time and can therefore recommend all types of venues, cemetery’s, churches, celebrants etc. We have the experience to carry out any special requests for all religions, race and cultures. Our gentle and experienced staff are happy to discuss all funeral details in our comfortable office or the privacy of your own home.


Phone one of our lovely ladies at Templeton Family Funeral Directors Heathmont on 97581523 for a free no obligation consultation.