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Templeton Family Funeral Directors Rowville are a highly respected family business operating in the Rowville and surrounding areas.


Our family prides itself on sincerity and professionalism always ensuring our clients are happy which has led to many friendships and recommendations over the years.


With the sudden grief of a loved one can also come an unexpected funeral expense, causing stress to family.  Templeton Family Funeral Directors Rowville offer a pre-planned, pre-paid funeral plan, like organizing a will, why not organize your funeral arrangements, it’s comforting to know that your wishes will be respected and not a burden to those left behind.


Most funeral services are based around a theme, reflecting your loved one’s personality.  Templeton Family Funeral Directors Rowville offer traditional funerals which is usually a burial, limousine hearse, church service followed by a wake.  A more modern approach is becoming popular with a Harley sidecar, or our elegant horse drawn carriage, a colourful coffin with doves or balloons may be more suitable. There is no right or wrong way, we will respect all your wishes and make sure you “Do it Your Way


A lot of people decide on a Memorial Park/Cemetery, knowing they can visit at any time can be comforting and healing, accessibility from where you live is important There are venues all over Melbourne, North, South and East Regions.  Purchasing a plot can be a costly affair depending on the suburb, like all real estate they are price sensitive, we at Templeton Family Funeral Directors Rowville can support you through these decisions and liaise on your behalf.

Also Visit Pre-paid Funerals Melbourne for advice, information and prices on what you want and plan for your funeral.

The loss of a baby or child is a tragic experience, and requires a lot of support from family and friends, we offer our “Angel Service”, let us hold your hand through the whole process to make it as easy and painless as possible.  We genuinely care and are available 24/7 to all your needs.

Call Templeton Family Funeral Directors Rowville on 9706 9555 for a no obligation consultation, we hope to be able to make a difficult situation a little easier.

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Funeral Directors Rowville – Lady Funeral Directors Rowville – “Doing it your way” call 9706 9555