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Templeton Family Funeral Directors Seaford are a professional funeral business operating in the Seaford and surrounding bayside suburbs.


There are lots of decisions when arranging a Funeral service, it can become overwhelming, burial or cremation?  Templeton Family Funeral Directors Seaford are unique and dedicated to all funeral arrangements, we offer a comprehensive breakdown to make each decision as easy as possible:

A Full Service Cremation or burial: service can be held in either chapel, church, sporting ground, club etc. then followed by a private or public cremation/ burial at the cemetery. As all real estate a plot can be price sensitive depending on the suburb, we can offer guidance and liaise on your behalf.


No Service Cremation: is a low budget option, you may be fulfilling your loved ones wishes.  The cremation is conducted with all the empathy and care but without the family or friends present. Families can then choose a private or public Celebration of Life Memorial at a later date with or without their loved one’s ashes present.


Direct Cremation is a low cost alternative which is dignified and simple, families have time to grieve and spend with their loved ones.  Ashes can be returned to families for the Memorial Service or scattering in that special place later.

A lot of funerals are based around a traditional service with a church, limousine hearse, burial and a wake. At Templeton Family Funeral Directors Seaford, we can also offer a more modern approach reflecting a precious life, the choices are varied from brightly coloured coffins, doves, butterflies, Harley sidecar, horse drawn carriage, services at clubs, beach, sporting venues, whatever you desire, nothing is too small or too big a request.

The loss of a baby or child is the most tragic experience, it is a delicate time when lots of support is needed to help cope with the pain, we offer our “Angel Service” with the empathy and support of our special lady team. We can hold your hand and guide you through all funeral arrangements at your own pace, we genuinely care, and are there for you 24/7.

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Call Templeton Family Funeral Directors Seaford on 9706 9555 for a no obligation consultation, we hope to be able to make a difficult situation a little easier.

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