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Templeton Family Funeral Directors Wantirna

Templeton Family Funeral Directors Wantirna are an affordable funeral service operating in the Wantirna and surrounding areas.

Templeton Family Funeral Directors Wantirna is an all Ladies, Mother and Daughters’ family that are dedicated to servicing and operating unique and beautiful funerals to the families of Wantirna and surrounding areas.

Our family of ladies understands how difficult it can be to deal with the loss of a loved one, and so we make sure you are not rushed when it comes to making important decisions. We offer personal care and support to all our families and make sure that your wishes and budget are met. We at Templeton Family Funerals Wantirna are happy to arrange a time to meet with you and your family in the comfort of your home to discuss all arrangements.

Trying to decide on burial or cremation can be a hard decision. The ladies at Templeton Family Funerals Wantirna will explain differences and price options. Coffins also range in style and price, from different types of woods, cardboard, metal, wicker basket or even a woollen. eco “green” environmentally friendly may be something you would like. If cremation is chosen you may wish to keep the ashes in a beautiful urn. Templeton Family Funerals Wantirna have a wide variety of urns to suit everyone.

Each funeral is a very personal experience for everyone whether you are a friend or family member, there will be special moments that only you can recall.  Each funeral is a time of reflection, showing a beautiful personality through their personal life story, you may wish to have a traditional funeral or a more modern funeral with our Harley motorbike hearse or our popular horse drawn carriage with a balloon release or live music played at the service.  No task is too small or too big.

Let’s do it your way!

We also offer Pre-paid funeral plans. If you would like to arrange all funeral arrangements in advance, our Pre paid funeral plans are the perfect way for you to have peace of mind knowing all of your wishes will be carried out.  If you are interested in arranging a pre-paid funeral plan, please call the ladies at Templeton Family Funeral Directors Wantirna to arrange a no obligation free quote.

Also Visit Pre-paid Funerals Melbourne for advice, information and prices on what you want and plan for your funeral.

Call the ladies at Templeton Family Funeral Directors Wantirna on 9706 9555 Our family is here for your family, call us before you decide.

Funeral Directors Wantirna - Lady Funeral Directors Wantirna
Templeton Family Funeral Directors Wantirna. Affordable funerals “doing it your way”. Ring us on 9706 9555