Funerals for Babies & Children

Angel Services for Babies & Children

The Ladies of Templeton Family Funerals are here to support and guide you through this difficult time. We will spend the time getting to know your needs and wishes, helping you arrange your Angels farewell your way.

The process of arranging a funeral can be overwhelming and at times confusing.

Take your time to share your thoughts with family and friends and your funeral director. Our family is here for your family; please don’t hesitate to call us anytime on 03 9706 9555.


You will need to think about whether you would like a burial or cremation for your child/baby. Would you like to have a Priest, Minister or Civil Celebrant to officiate the service?
You may like the service to be held in the Church, Chapel, at the graveside or have a private ceremony with family and close friends in your home or garden.

Before The Service:

Would you like a viewing?
Would you like to assist us in the dressing?
Do you want to place a toy, poem, letter or something of significance with your child/baby?
Would you like us to arrange precious hand or foot keepsakes, balloons or doves?

Oceane, Sand Footprints (L) $490 (S)$186





Child Lotus Heart (S) $192 (Extra S) $139 (Petite) $104

Arranging a Baby or Childs Funeral

When requiring a funeral for a baby, it is necessary to celebrate the life, however short and acknowledge the pain that the death has caused to the parents and close family.  A properly planned funeral or memorial service for a baby gives the family the right to cry, weep and deal with grief in whatever way they see fit.

A ceremony speaks when words fail.  A ceremony has tremendous impact.  It is very powerful.

If the family can establish the significance of what has happened, they can begin to start the grieving process.

At Templeton Family Funerals, we can guide you through every step necessary to honour the short life of your baby or child.

Our caring and compassionate family will help you through this very difficult time.


Baby & Children Funeral Prices & Services 2022

Angel No Attendance Cremation Includes:

  • Professional, experienced and caring staff
  • Transfer into care
  • All Mortuary care
  • Coffin
  • Cremation fee at Springvale Botanical Cemetery or Bunurong Memorial Park
  • Doctors Certificate (if appropriate)
  • Certified copy from Births, deaths and marriages (if appropriate)

Stillborn – (up to 21 weeks gestation) $960 

Stillborn (22 week gest – Full term) $1,065

Full term (post 38 weeks) – 1 years $1,165

Child service 1 years - 4 years $1,420

Child service 5 years – 10 years $1,800


Viewing in our Templeton Lounge (1 hour) $495 per visit

Meet in Gardens to say Goodbye or Witness the Cremation $595

Cremation to take place at Lilydale, Fawkner or Altona Memorial Park (POA)


Angel Services Includes:

  • Professional, experienced and caring staff
  • Transfer into care
  • All Mortuary care
  • Doctors certificate (if appropriate)
  • Certified copy from Births, deaths and marriages (if appropriate)
  • Service held in Family Home, Church, Chapel or Venue of Choice followed by Burial or Cremation.


Stillborn- (up to Full Term) $1,200

Full Term (post 38 weeks) - 1years $1,500

1 years – 4 years $1,900

Child Service 5 years – 10 years $2,695

Additional Service Costs (as required)

Coffin/ Casket (white, pink or blue) 

Celebrant / Clergy

Cremation / Burial Fees

Newspaper Notices



Butterfly Release, Dove Release


DVD/ Order of Service Booklets

Cremation Urn

Viewing in our Templeton Lounge (1 hour) $495