Who Is Black Betty?

Who is Black Betty?

This morning Betty had her sponge bath. She enjoys it on a regular basis. With a bucket of warm bubbles and fluffy wash cloth, care is taken that all the dust and dirt that gets in her nooks and crannies is cleaned out. Betty lives at Carmen Street. It’s cold in the garage and so the warm water helps to relax her, no hard sprays of cold water from that crazy kinked hose! The speed dryer chamois is rubbed over her body and windows, the drips are all gone. Extra care is taken to her windows. Buffed and buffed again! They are the eyes to the world. The world that peers in. They can’t help themselves. Looking to see who’s in the back!

Black Betty is Templeton Family Funerals hearse. She would be the best kept hearse/car in Melbourne no doubt! The staff here are very particular and we all know every hairline scratch she has. Regular servicing and checks are a must as she needs to be in tip top condition for that final journey.
Final journeys are Black Betty’s occupation! It is her job description. It is a very important job and only she can do it.

How many final journeys has she been on? How many stories has she heard, how many can she tell us?
At Templeton Family Funerals it is a privilege to be able to look after your loved one and Black Betty feels the same. Whether carrying the rosewood gloss Montrose, the solid timber jarrah Adelle, walnut Templar casket or a no service chipboard coffin, every ride to the final destination is equally important. Betty never complains and completes her role with respect and dignity.

Templeton Family Funerals staff is fully aware that Black Betty is one of their main staff members, she never takes annual leave, and is always available.
How could we ever replace her?

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  1. Phillip Williams
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    Please Black Betty take Dorothy Annette Williams on a final ride that she will remember, and remind her that she is not leaving anything behind to lament, but this just another part of her journey. Reassure her, comfort her and give her confidence. Phillip. The one you always reminded was your husband.

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