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Prepaid Funerals Melbourne

Planning a prepaid funeral is something most people will not do in their day to day life! We plan for future events and put money aside for things like holidays, retirement and other special occasions.

Arranging your funeral in advance means that your personal wishes are carried out and at a fixed price. This gives you peace of mind, relieving your family and friends of making stressful decisions at a time of upset and confusion. You can organise as much or as little detail of the service that you wish. We are more than happy to visit you in your home and chat over coffee or meet with us at our office.

Benefits of a prepaid funeral

  • Prepaid funerals maintain a fixed price throughout the time of the prepaid plan
  • Prepaid funerals in Melbourne allows you to choose and design your own funeral.
  • Prepaid funerals give you peace of mind knowing that your funeral wishes will be carried out
  • You choose your own individual style of funeral, carrying out any special wishes you may desire.
  • Relieve your family of the responsibility of planning, managing, and most of all, finding the money to pay for a funeral at a time of upset.
  • The price of your pre paid funeral in Melbourne is fixed at today’s prices. There is nothing more to pay ever.
  • Your investment for your funeral will be held independently of the Funeral Director and invested in a capital guaranteed funeral benefit fund of a Friendly Society.
  • A prepaid funeral is not viewed as part of your personal assets. It is also exempt from the Centrelink and Department of Veteran Affairs Income and Assets Test. Therefore, the investment may improve your pension entitlements.
  • May be held in single or joint names
  • Your money is safe and secure in an Australian reliable fund.

Visit Pre-paid Funerals Melbourne for advice, information and prices on what you want and plan for your funeral.

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