Templeton Family Funerals – Do it your way!

From fixed price funerals with no surprises, to custom arrangements where you specify as much or as little as you wish, you can be assured of a high quality funeral conducted in accordance with the guidelines of the Independent Funeral Directors Association of Australia. Templeton Family Funeral are an independent, family-run business of many years experience. Mother and daughters funeral company that care about you.

It is becoming increasingly popular to choose specific music and readings at funerals to help celebrate the lives of your loved ones. Some people select popular pieces to generate an overall mood for the event, others choose specific items that have a special poignancy for their relationship with the deceased.


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At the arrangement the arranger will advise that you are able to place a funeral and death notice on our website and Facebook Page for free.  You may also want to put an notice in a local or national newspaper to tell people about the death and the details of the funeral. We can help you with drafting and sending a death notice to a newspaper.

After the funeral you can also place a thank you message on our webiste to thank those who attended and sent donations or flowers. friends and family members can place a tribute on our funeral and death notice page to your loved one for you to read.

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