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  1. Janine Beasy
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    My Little Brother

    You were a great brother; caring, sharing, considerate, generous, lovable, humerous and I could go on…… You were the best Uncle to my kids who absoultely adored you! They loved spending time with you, having sleep overs and being spoilt with treats, sweats or even on a special outing you would take them on!
    Taken so suddenly & gone too soon, however you will NEVER be forgotten and you will live on in our hearts!
    I love you ferret face and already miss you

    Love hugz & kisses from your big sister Janine & nieces Courtney, Sarah & Tahlia xxxx

    • Geoff Marsh
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      Hi Janine, I’m so sorry to hear the news about Dale and our love and prayers are with you


      Geoff Marsh

  2. Chris munday
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    A memory of Dale. By Chris Munday

    I was introduced to Dale by his cousin Jason. We automatically hit it of and became friends, with a connection with many things in life. The mighty Magpies, Jim Beam and music.

    Dale had a keen ear and I was always so impressed how he would listen to a song, then 15 minutes later he would be drumming the last song he heard, even if it was something new that he had never knew. He would sit on the drums and proudly show you all the songs he had learnt that week. I know Dale taught Janines children to play drums, something which they will hold a fond memory for times to come.

    We loved very similar genres of music, Baby animals being one that we would listen too and he would air drum to it and the feet would be tapping. He introduced me to bands also if fill me in on a new song he heard on the radio.

    We loved a drink together and going to see live music at pubs, especially our favourite the espy. Sometimes too many drinks

    I remember going over to his house and always being made welcome by Joy and Geoff, even if we were drunk or being annoying. Janine also was a strong friend in my life also as I went through a divorce and she supported me too. I was always welcomed.

    As life grew on Dale got a girlfriend and I moved into a new relationship and it was harder to keep in touch. We tried to reconnect and would always enjoy our friendship, whether it be a pies game at the MCG or a pub crawl.

    Our meets became less often as things changed, and in reflection now I am saddened by me turning my back on Dale, sorry mate, I should have been there for you more, but I will hold such great memories.

    To quote a few lyrics from some of our favourite bands that resonate with me now more than ever:-

    Baby Animals- Lights out at Eleven

    “A moment’s problem brings a lifeless solution
    And then he turned the lights out at eleven
    You don’t know what you’re missing
    I hope you know that you’re missed”

    Guns and roses- Paradise City

    “Take me down
    To the paradise city
    Where the grass is green
    And the girls are pretty
    Take me home”

    Your home now dale at rest watching Pies win the 2020 premiership with a beer in your hand
    I am sorry but I am also not sorry that I met you
    Be at peace mate!

    To Dales family, thanks for allowing me in Dale’s life, he loved you dearly and he will miss you all

  3. Jamie Hipperson
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    Dale, you were such a fantastic mate and gave me so many great memories. Very generous and always made me feel that what was yours, was mine. I am sad to hear of your passing and may find memories of you live on forever.


  4. Leanne Jones
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    Dale, I met you many years ago at your Fathers in Doveton. I spent lots of time with you over the years, when packing up the Doveton house, and what a big pain that was, especially the shed. When he moved, occasionally doing your Dads gardening and then painting the inside of the house. Happy memories. I know you loved your Family so much, especially the 3 girls whom you spoke of often.
    RIP, you’ll be missed. xx

  5. Joy Boyd
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    To My Darling, Baby Boy, I Have always Loved you I Always Will And most of all you will never be forgotten, Lots of love from Mum and Geoff. xoxoxo.

    • Angela Stephenson
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      Condolences to Dales Family. I went to primary school with Dale. Recently contacted through Facebook. Rip Dale. You will be sadly missed. I’m sure you touched so many peoples lives. In Gods care. You will never be forgotten.

  6. Joy Boyd
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    To my Darling Boy,or Man as he would say, I all ready miss you,I will always LOVE YOU and now you are out of your Pain. I think of you ever day. We will meet again. Love from MUM, Geoff. xoxo

  7. Pam Burton
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    Dale l meet u you when l married you uncle Brian, and have love seen u grow up to be a very nice young man with a heart of gold ,will miss u but we will meet up one day and will party day and night so R I P for now to we meet again love Aunty Pam xox

  8. Cazz Burton
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    To my big cousin Dale, rest it peace u big goofy funny man, you always seemed to light up whatever room u were in. I’m goin to miss watching u play ur drums on Facebook.
    Luv always n FOREVER ur lil cuz Cazz n her baby’s Jesse n Tyson xoxoxo

  9. brenda/tony young
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    Sad day for family and friends of dale, that are getting together to say good buy to young man that had a lot of life to live on with but he must have been tired, I’m thinking of family, he will be sadly missed … our thoughts brenda /tonyxxx

  10. Valerie Stevenson
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    My condolences to Joy and Geoff and Janine and the girls. Thinking of you all on this sad day. RIP Dale.

  11. brenda/tony young
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    + What a beautiful service .

  12. Aunty Leanne
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    I was in my second year of high school when my big brother Wayne and wife at the time Joy had a baby boy, Dale. A fond memory of that time has always stayed with me and that’s “decky legs”. I would say hey sexy legs and he would run off in his nappy chanting “hey decky legs,decky legs” still brings a smile to my face to this day.

    Speaking of smiles did Dale have a smile that could light up a room, such a grin it went from cheek to cheek even his eyes smiled and almost looked as though they were laughing. For me Dale’s presence always only brought warmth along with a great big embracing hug that felt like it could melt the heart of a lion.

    Dale I will miss you dearly, my chats each other night with your dad mostly about you, will have a void each silence. My family get togethers not asking your dad if I should set a spot for Dale or will it be you and Dale?, will bring sadness to my heart. But mostly I will miss your great big hugs my nephew, they made me feel so special to be an aunt , what a precious thing .

    I know nan will be holding you tight, you will always be in my heart and mind. May you rest in peace.

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