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  1. Pam
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    Dear Betty,
    Hope you have a great time out there in the universe and thanks for being such an inspiration.
    Love you dearly.
    Pam..Judoca and Bill ..Celesta and Hagen….Jules and Danni. Xxxx

  2. Jane Sullivan
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    Aunty Betty

    It seems strange to say that at hearing of Aunty Betty’s death, there was a tinge of shock and disbelief. After all, 101 years plus is a grand age. But there was and there is. It is made more surreal by current circumstances in the community preventing us, Helen, for being there with you to farewell Betty.
    As long as we have known Helen (BREIER) we have known Betty. We knew a little something of her extraordinary history and of course of Helen’s mother, Ann, and of their resilience. These things are best known by her family.
    This is what I know:
    Betty was always bright company, sharp in mind, spruce in dress, curious in what was going on around her, and up for the chat. Many of her observations at social gatherings were a live bemused commentary on what Helen was doing at the time- enough said.
    The exquisite photograph of Betty and Helen’s hands clasped together expresses their relationship. It is emblematic of the relentless devotion, support, understanding and good humour that Helen has surrounded Betty with over so many years. Helen has been creative in the form her care has taken as Betty’s body and circumstances changed over time. Over the years, she has been an advocate and social director, a jester and a faithful companion. In essence a super-wonderful niece. We are in awe of you, Helen.
    Rest peacefully, Betty.
    Jane Sullivan

  3. Jenna Reed Burns
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    I first met Betty in the 1970s when Helen and I visited her South Yarra apartment, not far from where we went to school.

    The living room had large windows overlooking the street and Betty, well-groomed as always, sat on a sofa, her back to the light.

    She struck me as a stylish, independent, working woman — a good role model for a schoolgirl.

    When Helen’s mother died tragically from cancer, Betty gave Helen much-needed familial support and, for Betty, Helen was the lovely, living link to the sister she had just lost — one she had sheltered with and helped to protect during the Second World War before they both fled to Indonesia.

    Over the decades since, Helen and her own family have provided Betty with a great deal of love and support as she grew older. And I know that Betty was very proud of her niece, who will miss her.

  4. Lena Curly
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    Oh my darling Betty who taught me so much and whose flat I loved visiting in exotic South Yarra when I was young. Helen I know you loved her so much and I loved her too.
    Lena Curly

  5. Kim Smark
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    So sad to hear of Bettys passing. She was a dear friend who I valued very much.
    Happy memories of us sitting in her apartment in South Yarra, eating yummy food , listening to all her funny sayings and admiring her European sense of style
    It’s the passing of an era

  6. Lisa Semaan
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    Sending our heartfelt condolences to Betty`s family, Helen and friends.

    We came to know Betty vicariously through the long and wonderful friendship shared between Nada, Betty and Helen. The momentous meeting of Betty and Helen for Nada`s Birthday this year cracked all our hearts open, we could never have anticipated such an endearing time together. Betty`s grace will always shine on in our hearts, thank you for making that experience happen Helen. We wish you well with honouring Betty`s life today, we are with you in spirit and love. RIP Betty, with grace in life and in death.
    Nada, Lisa, Emil & Isabella

  7. Stephen Gow and Chris Tann
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    Dear Betty – a fond farewell……….
    The brightness,curiosity,joie de vive,
    warmth,engagement,sartorial pride and presentation will be missed.

  8. Yvonne Kane
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    Arrivederci Betty …
    I have many wonderful memories of moments with you and Helen. Farewell. Spread your wings … your smile and gentle ways live with us all. I promise I will ‘keep an eye’ on Helen. Yvie

  9. Elaine Edwards
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    My enduring memory of Betty is of being out danced by her when she was in her late 80’s! What a remarkable woman and what a remarkable life so well lived.
    Sending love and heartfelt condolences to Helen and family.

  10. Greg Lawrence.
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    Clear and happy memories of Aunt Betty from Vanberg Rd.

  11. Tony
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    Betty, you are an inspiration and will continue to be one.
    That was a lovely eulogy Helen, done beautifully under these unusual circumstances!

  12. Joy michael
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    Michael you were always a kind and gentle man that I was privleged to call friend. Rest in ace my friend. Love jude

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