Fletcher, Patricia

Patricia Fletcher (nee Aylett)

Died peacefully at home at the age of 87,

on Tuesday the 23rd of February, 2021.

Beloved wife of John for 65 years.

Mother of Suzanne, Michael, Gayle and Craig.

Grandmother to Benjamin, Samuel, Jacob, Rebecca, Annabel,

Jeremy, Declan, Matthew, Emily, Molly and Owen.

Adored mother and grandmother-in-law to Debra, Phil, Liza, Michelle, Jessica, Ricki and Aimee.

A Service to Celebrate the Life of Patricia will be held in the

Federation Chapel, Lilydale Memorial Park,

126-128 Victoria Road, Lilydale on Thursday March 4th, 2021 at 10am.

Patricia's service will be Livestreamed.

To watch the service please click on the link below.



In loving memory of Patricia donations can be made to

Lort Smith Animal Hospital


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  1. Craig Fletcher
    | Reply

    A story of my mum, or life according too Pat aka Garp HER LEGACY!

    Born on the 21 of April in the year of our Lord 1933, the world shuddered with anticipation at the pending arrival of Patricia Aylett; child of Herbert Arthur & Mabel Minnie

    What would she be?
    Angel or Devil?

    bit of both I think.

    Her life:

    Many notable achievements we know what they are and are proud of her “have crack” attitude and indomitable spirit!

    Sailing, Motorcycling just a few!

    A dare devil if not anything!

    Ohh not to forget dodgeball with Hitlers bombers & fighters.

    A life long infliction of pestilent Mini Me Brats; in other words replicant troublesome minions that we were, “face it we were hardly Angels” but who love her and are loved by her dearly, her kids, & Grandkids, what a challenge we were hey?

    If that wasn’t hard enough she’d find other endeavours cruelly designed to test her metal, one most notably dangerous too stability of mind, body and soul requiring the utmost fortitude and perseverance –


    It was a brave person who’d enter mums realm when the quilting demon struck, mum with bloodshot eyes brandishing foot long razor sharp scissors would greet you with a maniacal chuckle demanding to know where she’d placed the scissors; “You know Grandmas scissors?”

    Often we would answer with a quiver & shake “In your hand Mum” and rapidly depart to summon the local exorcist qualified priest!

    I could go on with many a rendition of her exploits, comical & serious in nature, but I won’t, not today.

    No our Mum was many things to many people, here; in a few words; “more or less” was what she is to me and what I shall remember and am eternally grateful too her for!

    Loved her family with ferocity!

    A fighter!

    Animal lover / rescuer!

    Tenacious warrior “Ice cream war saga’s 1,2 & 3, gracious & magnanimous in victory and defeat!

    On demand Rice Pudding & Custard; not to mention bread n butter pudding a standard too which will never be met again!

    Christmas cake and mince Tarts enough to last an entire Patrol for the boys on operational deployment!
    They still call you Mum and are here with you now!

    Bandaids lots of bandaids and the stingy stuff she’d liberally smear on!

    Scrogan energy food for Kings & Queens alike!

    Home haircuts especially the time you snipped off the top of Micheals ear, loved that one mum thanks!

    Billy cart & Push bike smash investigator and rescue nurse,

    not to mention;

    “Look Mum no Hands”

    Tree dangling rescue trapeze artist no ropes!

    Extractor of Darts and other sharp implements!

    A lady of notable dignity, poise,strength & courage under duress, whilst entertaining; she once passed a “Squeaky Wind” without hesitation glances rearward and commands her bottom “Oh do shut up”!

    Consoling cuddles as a little lad and grown man!

    Words of wisdom, tongue twisted and contorted but somehow logical; giving warmth and comfort, or perhaps it was the shot of whiskey she’d pour down my throat before giving me a thick ear calmly demanding I buck my ideas up followed through with a motherly rump slap!

    Or the timely placed hand on the shoulder accompanied with “You ok Son”.

    Mums gone “Nowhere” she’s here right now alive and well in our memories, through us she lives eternally; as she touched and shaped our lives to such an extent that her indefatigable/ indomitable spirit lives through us; our Children and well into the future.

    “Beware Heaven or Valhalla”

    “Make Way; a Grand Lady Strides amongst you; a Giant amongst Giants small in stature she carries a big feather duster”!

    “Look out; be warned”

    “She’s a force to be reckoned with”

    “Her name is Patricia”

    Devoted wife & Shield Maiden of John; eternally loved mother of Sue, Michael, Gayle & Craig and many many Grandchildren!

    Look around you now; and you’ll see her, the life she created, her essence exists within each of us, it’s tangible and real it is her gifted legacy to us!

    Don’t Morn her Death, She is at Peace, celebrate her life; it continues within us!

    Lest We Forget!

  2. Pat Wintle
    | Reply

    Sympathy to Craig and all the Fletchers. She was a lovely lady and We know she will be sadly missed. Time will heal but she will not be forgotten. Condolences from Pat & BrianWintle.

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