Graham, Bryan Maxwell

Bryan Maxwell Graham

31/3/1935 – 1/4/2020

Beloved father of Kerree, Gary, Jennifer and Glen.

Much loved “Benar” of Bree, Matt, Tarah, Jacob, Colleen,

Michael, Emily and Charlotte.

Great Grandfather of Seth, Millah, Zack, Ruby, Leah, Whil,

Scarlett, Blake, Sam, Isaac and Jimmy.

You may be gone from our sight, but you are never gone from our hearts.

Rest in peace now and give everyone a kiss,

cuddle and smack on the bum up there.

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  1. Bree Critchley
    | Reply

    My beautiful Benar,
    I gave you the name Benar, I was the first grandchild and was unable to say Grandpa. When I was old enough to say Grandpa properly, you didn’t like it, you wanted your own special name. I have fond memories of you as a child. When ever I taste long life milk it reminds me of staying at your place and having it with our weetbix in the morning. I love how you would always end our phone conversations with ‘make sure you give your kids a kiss, cuddle and a smack on the bum for me’. I loved how you would stand out on the road and keep waving until our car was out of sight after we had visited you. I love you Benar. I am so lucky to have had such a wonderful Grandfather. You just loved life ‘every day is a good day’ you would say. The world is a better place because you were in it. I will love you always. Love Bree, Dean, Seth, Zack and Leah xxxxx ooooo

  2. Kerree Johnson
    | Reply

    My father, strong, caring, giving, loving. Now that you’ve gone I feel so empty. You fought the battle for so long with such dignity and selflessness. I’m going to miss your welcome ‘hello beautiful’ to me and ‘gidday mate’ to Greg. You loved all your family so much and they all love you. May you be at peace and eventually my emptiness will be filled with beautiful memories of my beautiful father. Love you Dad
    Together forever Kerree💕

  3. Jacob
    | Reply

    Benar my grandpa,
    What an amazing man you are, I was so lucky to be able to have you as my Pa!Everyone says they have the best pa but I honestly did, I’m going to miss you and your stories being told over and over every time we talked. Especially the one with you stacking your bike as a kid after picking up the meat from the butchers for a delivery. Apparently you had steaks flying, hitting the road, covered in stones but you pushed on and delivered them anyway haha.
    I’ll definitely miss my annual scratchie pack and yearly calendar. What a strong, loving, caring, giving family man you were. Everything I inspire to be. Love you Benar 💙 Jacob

  4. Anita Sri-Ananda
    | Reply

    What a tragedy that this horrible virus has stopped many people from saying goodbye and paying their respects. You shall be sadly missed Bryan…Thankfully there is no more pain for you, but losing you has affected all those who love you. RIP Bryan. Love always, Anita

  5. Anita Sri-Ananda
    | Reply

    Bryan was also the proud stepdad (and stepdad in law) of Jane (and Alan Pickett), Maree (and Paul Patterson – Both of whom who passed away some years ago), and John Brown and his wife (apologies but cannot recall her name as I never ever met her).
    I am sure that Sean Pickett and his young family will also miss Bryan, as will Maree and Pauls only daughter Jessica, because Sean and Jessica, both had a lot ot do with Bryan when they were young children.
    Bryan considered all of them as important members of his family.
    Condolences to everyone left behind that Bryan loved and/or considered his family.
    When you reach heaven, please tell my Mum and Dad I still miss them terribly, and please say hello to Joan Cominos, to Robbie (the best Collie in the world), to Maree Patterson (the kindest soul in the world) and to Colleen Graham (nee Kim).
    RIP Bryan.

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