LEGIONE, Orazio “Ray”

Orazio "Ray" Legione

27/03/1957 ~ 10/05/2024

The Service to Celebrate the Life of Ray will be held at

Potter's Receptions, 321 Jumping Creek Road, Warrandyte

on Wednesday May 22nd 2024

commencing at 12:30pm

Ray's service will be live streamed, to view the service online,

please click on the link below:

Password: Legione


In memory of Ray a donation to either Vinnies or Greyhound Adoption

would be greatly appreciated.

Donations can be made via the below links:

Vinnies: A charity that supports homelessness:



Greyhound Adoption


9 Tributes

  1. Carole mcfaul
    | Reply

    Ray Legione
    A funeral is a time to mourn the passing of a loved one and to support those left grieving, but it is also the time to celebrate the life of the dear person.
    And what a life to celebrate. Ray was larger than life and louder than life – especially when it came to two things we all know and love about him – his laughter and his footy team. You wouldn’t find a more passionate Collingwood supporter.
    I will share a story.
    We were to meet Ray and Julie in Venice after the 2010 Collingwood grand final win. We couldn’t have missed him.
    While crossing the busy grand canal bridge we heard Ray before we saw him. Singing at the top of his lungs (which we know was very loud) GOOD OLD COLLINGWOOD FOREVER! Wrapped in black and white scarf and beanie, the Venetians didn’t know what to make of him. Was he shy? Embarrassed? Ha ha no way not Ray. It was hilarious.

    Then while still in Venice, we were lost. I had been learning Italian and could speak it but not understand it. Ray being from an Italian family could understand it but not speak it.
    We found a very helpful young woman to help us. I would ask a question in Italian, she would answer in Italian, Ray would translate it to me, then I would ask the next question. Around and around it went with lots of laughter until we finally were on our way.
    Ray said to me “where did you learn to speak Italian?”. Books and CDs
    I said, that’s why I can’t understand what people say. Lucky you are with us.
    I could tell you lots more hilarious tales of Ray, but I’m sure many of you could as well. He was that sort of guy.

  2. Lisa Cunningham
    | Reply

    I met Ray and Julie on my two visits to Oz. They made me feel so welcome, like I’d known them for years. Such a sad loss to everyone, but what an amazing mark he made in everyone’s lives and not everyone can say that.
    Rest in peace Ray and thankyou for being you.

  3. Kylie Lowe and Stock family
    | Reply

    We first met Ray/Mr Legione/Mr Muscles when our oldest daughter started at BHPS in 2001.
    Ray was my colleague, supporter, mentor and work uncle. He was always ready with a joke, a listening ear and helpful (practical) advice.
    He was Jason’s drinking buddy (AFTER the working bees work was finished!)
    Ilana is grateful to Mr L for teaching her to quill. A skill she continues to use in her art side hustle.
    Bree remembers how to draw tree branches, “they are just Ys”.
    Cheyenne always wanted to come and visit all the baby chicks that “went to live on Mr Legione’s farm.”
    Nakita just remembers him as loud, a little scary and 1 of her favourites.
    We all hope he and you know the influence he had on so many lives. We are so grateful to have know and loved Ray Ray.

  4. Bren
    | Reply

    What pleasure and honour it is to have known you Ray.!
    Your kindness, thoughtfulness, love for students, family, friends and colleagues is to be admired and respected
    Still miss our ‘smoko sessions’ and I forever thank you for all your help you gave me when I was at a low in my world, as I’m so sure you did for many
    You will always have a special place in my heart for the wonderful person you are
    Missing you always xx

    • India
      | Reply

      Mr legione / Mr muscles was one of the best teachers I have ever had in my schooling experience from telling us he was to old to stand when we had art to teaching us it’s not bathroom there’s no bathrooms at school it’s toilet,you taught us manners,what working hard is and U showed us how to get through the big world I am forever grateful
      I wish you were able to catch the Easter bunny and Santa
      You have had a huge impact on me and how I learn

  5. Gino Bisognin
    | Reply

    Ray, we will miss you very much especially hearing your voice and the yelling and screaming at the healesville Greyhounds just the joy, laughter you gave us will never be forgotten.
    Now is time to catch that winning Geryhound in the sky!
    We will miss you heaps
    Love Gino & Leah

  6. Kate Schie
    | Reply

    Such an amazing mentor to start my teaching career with. Always reminded us that the kids were the most important and not the paperwork, politics or reports. I’ll remember Ray every time the bell goes on the last day and someone yells out “HOLIDAYS”, when someone has a hotdog in their lunch order or when something at school needs to be fixed. He had such a profound impact on the Bimbadeen community and will be sorely missed by all. Love you, Ray Ray! Go PIES!

  7. Lucy
    | Reply

    Ray Legione was the best teacher ever he was so kind and I will always remember him thank you so much for all the very good memories, I have learnt so much from you R.I.P

  8. Heather Hopcroft
    | Reply

    My liquid love has flown through this amazing tribute. I wish I was able to be there to celebrate the amazing man Ray Ray was. His kindness , positivity and love for the amazing BHPS and all of us who had the privilege of working with him made us better people. I raised a glass in your honour, thanks for EVERYTHING. Heather Hopcroft from England.

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