Manus McGonagle

09/08/1938 ~ 02/10/2022

A Funeral Mass for the repose of the soul of Manus McGonagle

Will be offered at St Kevin’s Catholic Church

73 Glen Orme Avenue, Ormond

On Friday October 7th, 2022 at 11:00am.

To watch the livestreaming of Manus’s service, please click on the below link

Private Cremation

21 Tributes

  1. Mairi Smith
    | Reply

    I’m not really sure there are words to try and sum up a man like Uncle Manus, although he himself, was a man of many – usually of the tall tale variety! Never without a quip or story that would inevitably have his audience in raptures and trying to decide if he was telling the truth or not – some of his stories were out and out ridiculous 😂 Nonetheless that was uncle manus, just full of character.

    One of his last visits over to Scotland him and uncle Dan came to stay a while in Lochgilphead with my mum (manus’s sister Elizabeth). We all went out for dinner one night, I must have been in my late teens and took along my boyfriend at the time. Dinner was lovely, manus had everyone in stitches and his sibling, mum and uncle Dan, shaking their heads as if no time had passed at all. At the end of the meal we were given after dinner mints with the bill by the waitress which Manus decided he quite enjoyed and would like some to take home. That said he proceeded to find the box of mints once the waitresses had left and filled his pockets!! Here he is on the way back to the car dishing out chocolate mints from the hotel quite chuffed with himself!! I still wonder what that boyfriend must have thought he was getting himself into and laugh.

    I don’t have any memories of my uncle manus that don’t make me laugh or smile. I have my own child now and although he will never have the pleasure and privilege of meeting his great uncle manus, I have been sharing my own memories and stories with him, and in true manus style I still have no idea what is true and what is just “manus’ version of events”.

    Sending love to all the family on both sides of the world.

    Mairi, Steven and Anthony xx

  2. Michelle Wilson
    | Reply

    Dear Mick & Family

    Thinking of you all at this difficult time
    With deepest sympathy

    Michelle Wilson

  3. Katrina & Gary
    | Reply

    In loving memory

  4. Mary & Jimmy
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  5. Mary & Jimmy
    | Reply

    In remembrance of Manus, with love to all the family

    • Katrina, Alistair, Anna and Amy
      | Reply

      Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.”
      Irish proverb

      Uncle Manus, we are the lucky ones to have known you and call you family. What a sense of humour! That’s how we will remember you. All our love and thoughts to our family at home and away.
      Your loving neice Katrina

  6. Elizabeth & Craig
    | Reply

    Gone too soon Manus. Many great memories of you to treasure. A privilege to have you as a brother and brother-in-law.

    Love to all the family in Australia.

    Elizabeth & Craig

  7. Emma and Barry McGonagle
    | Reply

    Before becoming a McGonagle myself, Barry and I found ourselves in Melbourne for a few days and were under strict instructions from Manus via his brother Dan to get in touch when we were there. We met in a pub (we found out later that he was bouncing up and down like an excited puppy every time someone came in thinking it might be us) and from the first moment we met we knew we’d met one of life’s good guys. He demanded we check out of our hostel the next morning and go and stay with him and his family in McKinnon. We went to stay for two nights and ended up staying for over a month! He made us feel welcome and at home and we loved his company. Inviting us to stay after knowing us for just a couple of hours summed him up entirely, he took people as he met them and was genuinely interested in everything about the person you were. His Scottish accent was out stronger and prouder than ever whenever we chatted much to the amusement of the rest of the family!

    From our near death experiences out sailing, our Easter feast courtesy of his favourite pet goat, our meals out, trips to the footie and long chats into the evenings over a few drinks and Manus’s infamous bruschetta (made with the only tomatoes from the garden that the goat had left alone) it was a time of lifetime memories made. When it came time to leave Manus and the family in Melbourne, it felt like leaving home.

    Manus was kind, thoughtful, caring and welcoming. Not to mention cheeky and full of fun with a permanent twinkle in his eye. His laugh when he was caught out telling a tall tale or playfully winding up a member of the family never failed to infect everyone in his company.

    Our time with Manus, in Melbourne and in Scotland, were full of laughter and love and we have the most wonderful memories. Manus, you were the epitome of a true gent and we will truly miss you.

    Emma and Barry xx

  8. Dale McGonagle
    | Reply

    What can I say about my Grandfather?
    I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him. The fact that he’s not with us anymore breaks my heart, but the fact that he taught me – and our entire family – what it means to really love someone will help me heal and go on.

    From the time I was very young, I worshipped my grandfather. While I may not always have shown it, I always looked up to him. From the time I was very small, I knew that he was the ideal example of what a family man should be.
    Not only was he the leader of our family, he was an incredible human being who left his mark on everyone he met.

    While I may not know what my future – or the future of our family – looks like without Grandad, I know that I’m a better person because I was loved by him. I only hope that I can live up to the example of love, strength, character, and integrity that he set for all of us.

    While he’s no longer here to say that he’s proud of me, I carry his strength in my heart.
    The kindest compliment I hope to hear someday is “your Grandfather would be proud.”

    Manus is a man I’m so proud to have called my grandfather.
    I’d like to leave you with this final passage.
    ROMANS 6:22-23

    “But now that you have been set free from sin and become slaves to God, you have the consequence of a holy life, and the outcome is eternal life. The wages that sin pays are death, but God’s gift is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

    I love you Grandad, now and for ever.

  9. Luca McGonagle
    | Reply

    Dear Great Grandad,

    You are my best friend and best buddy, I love you.
    Please stay safe in Heaven and look after my sister Ella and my cat Lilly.

    I Love, Love, Love you!!!

    Love Luca Manus McGonagle
    (Great Grandson )

  10. Patrick McGonagle
    | Reply

    Dear Grandad
    I love you.
    You are the best Grandad.
    Patrick Antonio McGonagle
    (Great Grandson)

  11. Liz McGonagle
    | Reply

    Dear Grandad
    Thank you for welcoming me into your family and your home. For always being the strong and loving person no matter what had happened in life.
    I will miss your stories and of course your infectious laugh.
    The boys and I have been so lucky to have you in our lives.
    Love you heaps. ❤️
    Love Always and Forever
    Liz McGonagle
    (Granddaughter In Law)

  12. Michael and Megan Duffy
    | Reply

    Our sincere condolences – a lovely lovely man. Thinking of you all.

  13. Kerry Joan-Law Angela’s daughter
    | Reply

    There is no one like Manus, just one day in his company and the world and everything around it lit up. Manus had an infectious laugh and a miscevioush twinkle in his jovial soul. He was an absolute joy, a real gentleman, and the warmest kindness person you might ever be fortunate enough to meet. He loved life, he loved all his children and grandchildren and he loved his family. Simply put Manus loved everyone and was in equal measure loved by all that were blessed enough to know him. God speed you to heaven my lovely uncle, you will be sorely missed by us all. My sincerest condolences to all the family but to the family, take heart, Manus and his beautiful soul will be all around you, watching and guiding you, and forever in eternity still smiling. God bless you all.

  14. Angela
    | Reply

    Darling Manus, although you leave us all heartbroken you will never leave our thoughts. For myself every time I think of you I recall the many hilarious times we were both left breathless and bent over with laughter. GREAT, GREAT memories. RIP Manus.

    With deepest sympathy to all the family in Australia.

  15. Young Elizabeth (Niece)
    | Reply

    Uncle Manus, Although there may have been a distance between us I feel like I knew you so well. My childhood is full of memories and tales of your mischevious ways and wicked sense of humour. I truly am so sad that our family has lost such a great soul and that I never got to make that trip to Australia when you were with us. This, I really do regret. I will however cherish the memories of fun and constant laughter from your (much anticipated!) visits to Scotland, and I will always remember how good you were at winding up your little sister, My Mum.

    Sending all my love and condolences to family near and far. X

  16. Glenn Mulvahil
    | Reply

    Going to miss you so much Grandad.
    Hopefully when we meet again we’ll be able to have a couple of beers.
    Love you Grandad.
    Glenn Mulvahil (Grandson)

  17. Michele Mulvahil
    | Reply

    You are my rock, my hero and everyday will be hard knowing you are no longer with me.
    Save a spot for me next to you.

  18. Ross Young
    | Reply

    So sorry to hear of the passing of Manus. My condolences go out to all the family and this sad time.

    When I was planning my trip to Australia, I was invited to stay with Manus and his family when visiting Melbourne. Having never met us, my friend and I were welcomed with open arms as we settled into life in Australia. It was a real comfort for us and no doubt my family knowing that we had family to advise and guide us in the early days of our travels.

    It was a pleasure and priveledge to get to know him. We was a funny and kind person and his passing will leave a big void in everyone who knew him lives.

  19. Rosemary Scott
    | Reply

    Have just discovered the death of my cousin Manus .My deepest condolences to all of my family in Australia. I met Manus on his trip to Donegal a few years ago at my parents home. I am Willie George n Susan Farren’s daughter.Rose ..My prayers are with all of you.

  20. Sadie Farren
    | Reply

    So sorry to hear of our cousin Manus’s passing, Manus and his son Mark visited us a few years ago when they came to Donegal, we are the daughters of his uncle Dan Farren and wife Lena.we took them around the family home in Ballyboe and the family grave in Iskaheen.we have fond memories of their visit. Ar dheis De go raibh a anam .

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