Sanders, Michelle Maree

Michelle Maree Sanders

13th April 1960 ~ 5th December 2021

Mick and the family invite you to a

Celebration of Life for Michelle Sanders

at the Berwick Church of Christ, 432-446 Centre Road, Berwick

on Monday 13 December 2021 @ 1.30pm.

We’d love you to wear a splash of orange or something colourful.

As per government rules you will be required to QR code upon entry, and show your vaccination certificate to the Covid Marshall at the door to enter.

Michelle's life celebration will be livestreamed, to view the service please click on the link below.

Password: Sanders

In lieu of flowers and gifts, Michelle requested donations to be made to Abolishion Inc.

Bank account details are: Westpac

Abolishion Inc

BSB: 033005

ACC: 440962

Please use your NAME as reference

18 Tributes

  1. Mark Bohr
    | Reply

    I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle on a number of occasions and noticed how passionate Michelle was in finding new ways of communicating the love of God into the community.

    I was sad to hear of her passing and I know she will be sadly missed. My condolences to family and friends and all the lives impacted by her presence.

  2. Judy
    | Reply

    Michelle sanders amazing wife, mum, Marnie and friend, so privileged to have shared life with you. Knowing you has been a wonderful and cherished time in our lives.
    Michelle always supported anyone at anytime, her unconditional love, friendship, love and support to Steve and I will always hold a special place in our hearts.
    We will miss you dear friend until we meet again. ❤️
    Love to Mick, Orien, Levi and Michael and your families from all of us . ❤️

  3. Cas Taylor (Caro)
    | Reply

    When l think of Shelly l am reminded of a fun, laughing, beautiful woman rolling around with a ball on the grounds at Winepress ( in an industrial area in Berwick ) “who’s that funny woman”? l said to the crowd standing around, they replied ” it’s the associate Pastor of this Church” l quickly replied ” if she’s a Pastor & this is a church then l want to know more”!

    We chattered and shared very similar back grounds growing up, ( her words still ring through me today, Jesus set this date up for you & l ) through her he ‘Shone’ and l wanted that too!
    A couple of months passed which included ALPHA, attending Winepress, Shelly praying Jesus to come and reside in me-that was early 2007 and l have never looked back!

    Thank you Jesus for Shelly.

    So many lives she transformed through you Lord on earth and l know in her passing she will too.
    My heart breaks for her gorgeous family & best friends, but gee what a LEGACY

    Another quote l always carry with me that Shell said ” contentedness means far more to her than happiness”

    An Amazing Woman of God.

    Love Forever & Eternity, Caro (Cas Taylor)

  4. Jenny Collins
    | Reply

    Michelle was an amazing woman who lived and breathed her love for her Lord and saviour to everyone around her. It literally shone out of her. She was passionate in everything she did and she made the most of the time her precious Lord had given her. Michelle impacted my own faith journey in a very powerful way many years ago at Winepress and I will never forget her kindness and love and acceptance without judgement. What an inspirational ambassador she has been for her Lord and so many lives that she changed and turned around for Gods glory🙏🏻 You will be richly rewarded in eternity Michelle for being a true and faithful servant. May you rest peacefully in your saviours arms. Our sincere condolences to Mick and the family. May you know Gods strength and His peace that passes all understanding🙏🏻❤️ Jenny (and Ray) Collins

  5. Shirley Seskis
    | Reply

    so very sorry to hear of Michelle’s promotion to be with Jesus, a beautiful woman of God who lived her life in service to and glorifying Him. love and prayers to the family. so sorry I cannot be there tomorrow to honour Michelle.

  6. Nicole
    | Reply

    I had the privilege of growing up knowing the amazing Michelle. She would capture her audience as she spoke of her testimony, her challenges, her triumphs, and her gorgeous family. Michelle was honest, warm, encouraging, and oh-so talented in so many areas! Her love for our Father shone through her, and it comforts my heart knowing that she is now resting in His arms. Sending all my love and prayers to Mick and family. Until we meet again – Nicole.

  7. Liz and Adam Trent
    | Reply

    We will always miss your beautiful smiling face. You were truly a remarkable woman and friend. Love to Mike and the family , forever in our hearts. Praying for Peace and Comfort from our Lord and Savior . Love Liz and Adam Trent

  8. Beck Finger
    | Reply

    I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to make it to the service as the borders weren’t open… But what a beautiful farewell service for such a wonderful human. Shelly made so much space for everyone to find their place and their healing. I’m so grateful for the ways that she made space for me to grow into the person I am. Thank you, Shelly, for being Jesus with skin on for all of us. Thank you for the boundless optimism that you infectiously spread about the place as you, undaunted by the enormity of the world’s pain, always saw us all through the eyes of God and loved us all so abundantly.
    You have richly earned this rest now, in peace.

  9. Gayle & Jean-Claude Ferriere
    | Reply

    Michelle (Shell) Rocked our world with all her Love Laughter and inspiration- every moment treasured 🧡every memory brings a smile

    time stood still today as our tears flowed
    Our heartfelt
    Love to all her beautiful family & friends

  10. Amy Barker
    | Reply

    Michelle was an incredible, strong & kind woman, I would like to thank the family for sharing her with the world and all the lives she has touched! I met Michelle when I was lost in the world and she helped me find my way. Because of Michelle, I am who I am today and I am forever grateful for the impact she had on my life as well as my family.
    God bless & Sending love, Amy Barker & Barker

  11. Chloe Sutton
    | Reply

    I’m forever grateful for the kindness, wisdom and joy that Michelle brought to myself and to my family. She was someone who inspired and enriched those around her. Though she is no longer with us, the joy and wisdom that she gave will continue to grow and be passed on through the people who had the privilege of knowing her. Sending my love and deepest sympathies and to Mick, Orien and the entire family. – Chloe

  12. Julia
    | Reply

    Michelle had an amazing abundance of energy that could only be God given.
    I had pleasure in being involved in one of her earlier ministries …
    ‘The Single parent dinners’
    These events were fuelled by this energy. Many lives were touched by these evenings and many lives were changed. This being due to the fact that she passionately followed up on so many who attended these events.
    What an achievement Michelle has made in her earthly life.
    You have stored up your treasures in Heaven abundantly.
    Well done good and faithful servant !!
    Heart felt condolences to
    Mick and all the family ❤

  13. Julie Toomey
    | Reply

    Michelle was an amazing woman and friend to everyone. I have so many happy memories in bible college and at the wine press church – remember when we did walk like an Egyptian as a band – such fun and that’s Michelle. I am sorry that our paths departed over the years, but still many happy memories to remember and cherish. I am devestated for you all as you learn to live without such a dynamic wife mother grandmother and friend.
    Prayers and blessing to you all

    Julie Toomey

  14. John Stewart
    | Reply

    Michele Sanders was far more concerned about others than herself.Atruly inspirational person

  15. Margriet
    | Reply

    … I didn’t notice You were standing here
    I didn’t know that
    That was You holding me
    I didn’t notice You were cry’n too
    I didn’t know that
    That was You washing my feet

    What a blessing to know that Michelle is now with her very best friend. He also always has room at His table.

  16. Ray Keefe
    | Reply

    Michelle has changed this world forever for the better. Her generous heart, genuine empathy and unconditional love for all she met made the world richer. While her passing leaves us feeling less we are so much better for her having lived life to the full and shared that fullness with us all. I am forever grateful.

  17. Lynda and Garry
    | Reply

    Michelle was such a genuine person. When she was talking to you her full attention was on you. What you saw was who she was, there was no pretence. I think that’s what most of us loved about her that she was “real”. We thank the Lord We knew Michelle and for her touching our lives. We look forward to seeing you again in Eternity, Michelle. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mick and all the family.
    Love from Garry and Lynda Witzand xx

  18. Wendy Beavis
    | Reply

    April 12, 2022.

    What a beautiful and emotionally moving celebration of and tribute to Michelle’s life.

    I only found out late yesterday, that Michelle had passed away after an illness. It was such a shock, to think that someone who was so vibrant and present and had such a sense of joy and zest about her, and who wasn’t old and at the end of her life, in the old age conventional sense, could possibly be gone. Wow! I truly feel like one very bright light has been diminished here on earth and we who are still on earth, are the poorer for that light going out.

    I first met Michelle in December 2000, when I walked into Winepress Church for the very first time. A lapsed Christian, new to the area with no established local friends at that point , in my early 30s and single, the church seemed full of marrieds, families and noisy, energetic kids of all ages. Although I enjoyed the sermon from the bloke with the accent (Arthur), it was Michelle’s warm welcome that drew me back the following week and the many weeks after that, until I felt connected. I can truly say, having tried many churches over the years, that I have never received such a warm and genuine welcome. With so many people coming and going, I was amazed on my second visit that Michelle managed to remember my name, let alone some of my background which she had managed to elicit from me the first visit, and with accuracy enough to introduce me to someone else by way of some of my story.

    I ended up attending Winepress for about 12 or so years and the thing that stood out to me about Michelle was that she oozed, radiated, was BATHED, in an incredible joy and zest for life, to the degree that I have honestly seldom met another person who wore joy, like it was enmeshed in their skin, the way that Michelle did. She always seemed to be genuinely interested in people and what they had to say and when she needed to move on from greeting a newcomer, she would always make sure that she had introduced that newbie to someone else who would help extend the welcome.

    The other things that come to my mind about Michelle are her sense of being real, her authenticity, her warmth, her passion for trying something new within the church as a way of reaching others about Jesus, and that she always seemed like she had a million things on the go – in a positive way, at the one time. I was privileged to help out on the cooking team for several years at the Single Parent Dinner, which I believe was an initiative of Michelle’s.

    I’ll also always remember Michelle sharing during a sermon about her hippy days and how she didn’t wear underwear! When she shared that, I remember that she laughed and said something like “oops – too much information”, then laughed at herself for over sharing and carried on with her message. I was shocked that anyone would admit that, but it also showed that Michelle was not a person who hid her past, her flaws and her true self, as was evident in many of her sermons where she used experiences and examples from her life to illustrate a point in her message.

    To Mick, Orien, Levi and extended family, what an amazing wife, mother and grandmother you had – thank you for sharing her with the world. I am truly sorry for your loss. X💕

    Michelle, it’s been many years since I last had the pleasure of speaking with you, but thank you for your warm and caring nature, your authenticity, your teachings through your sermons, through the STEPPS course and your open heart to people and to Jesus. May you now enjoy your rewards in Heaven and may the impact you had on many lives locally and overseas, live on, multiply and be impactful in outwardly rippling circles. I see that you would have been turning 62 tomorrow on 13th of April so I hope you get to have celebration cake in heaven! Thank you for your light, encouragement and positivity you shared with me during my time at the Winepress. RIP 💕🙏

    With sincere regards
    Wendy Beavis

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