Talbot, Betty Frances

Betty Frances Talbot

Passed away peacefully July 13th, 2020

Aged 97 years

Dearly Loved and Sadly Missed by

Gail, Robyn, Keith, Caleb, Ruth, Phoebe, Lyle & Evie


A Service to Celebrate the Life of Betty will be held on Monday July 20th, 2020

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  1. Ruth Tetley
    | Reply

    It’s wonderful to know that, although I can’t be there in person with the family to celebrate the life of Betty Talbot (known to me as Nanny) that I can at least contribute something to the event. Some words, some thoughts. I’ll be thinking of you all right now too, my heart is with you even if my physical self is, by necessity, elsewhere.

    When I first announced to the world at large that Nanny had passed, there was a huge outpouring of love and support from literally hundreds of people. I was quite taken aback at the response, but then I realised it’s because of how often I speak about her to everyone I know. So many people have heard the story of this amazing woman, who won prizes for her Ikebana, travelled to India on spiritual pilgrimage, learned the art of Reiki before it was known by the masses and went on to teach everyone who was willing to learn. So much of my spiritual self was born from my interactions with Nanny, and that is now (through my work, and the work of everyone else who she taught) having a ripple effect out into the world. This is true immortality, when the changes you create carry on down through the generations, to have an effect on people you will never know, but who may remember your name, or your story.

    When I was a child, Nanny was a profoundly positive influence in my life. My surety in her love of me got me through some difficult times. She was universally supportive, loving, safe, and had a ready smile brought about purely because we were together. She also gave great hugs. I love her immensely. I keenly feel and will continue to feel the absence of her in my life. Visits to her house in Melbourne, Ocean Shores, at the Gold Coast and even at Oak Tree were always a happy time. I count myself exceedingly lucky to have had her around for all the many years that we did.

    Thank you Nanny, I’m proud to be your granddaughter and if I ever become a grandma I hope to do as good a job of it as you did.

    • Keith Talbot
      | Reply

      Thank you so much Ruth for your beautiful and loving tribute to Mum. I know she would have appreciated your thoughts and been deeply honoured by your kind words.
      With love,

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