Templeton, Natalie Rose

Natalie Rose Templeton

1/11/1993 ~ 3/3/2021

Dearly loved and loving daughter of Brenda and Robert,

cherished sister of Alice and John.

Natalie was very talented and unique in this world.

Brave and courageous.

Loved by everyone.

Family and Friends are invited to Celebrate the Life of

Natalie Rose Templeton

in the Stratus Reflection Space, Bunurong Memorial Park,

790 Frankston Dandenong Rd, Dandenong South

on Tuesday March 16th at 2.30 pm.

Natalie was a student, beloved friend and cherished member

of the 16th Street acting community.

In lieu of flowers and in Natalie’s memory,

donations can be made to the 16th Street Foundation.

In June 2021, The Foundation launches

The Wellness Community Centre for dramatic artists.

Envelopes will be available at the service


For more information please email admin@16thstreet.com.au



18 Tributes

  1. Sophie Sliskovic
    | Reply

    A caring, kind and beautiful human being who made days in hospital go quicker and easier and who had the ability to connect to everyone on a deeper, personal level. She was a guiding light for everyone and true friend. I cannot believe she has gone xx

  2. Wendy Lockett (Gniel)
    | Reply

    Sending sympathy and love to the family.So so sad.❤️

    • Michelle
      | Reply

      Dearest Nat,
      My heart breaks for your family. You were so full of love and light that the world seems less bright without you in it. I still remember the first day I met you and how in awe I was of your brilliant radiance. The poem ‘All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten’ always reminds me of you. Your unconditional kindness and acceptance will be cherished and missed greatly. I hope that you are able to rest peacefully x

  3. Amy Ikin
    | Reply

    Dearest Nat,
    I hope you know how special you were. You lit up the room with your presence. What I’ll always admire about you is your wit and sense of humour. You made me absolutely CACKLE.
    You made some truly dark days a whole lot lighter. Thankyou.
    Until we meet again 💗

  4. Georgina Dunne
    | Reply

    A kind, caring and loving human who will be forever loved and missed. Natalie shaped such a huge part of my teenager and adult life and I am forever grateful that I was lucky enough to have her as my friend. Rest in peace beautiful girl xxx

  5. Alexandra (Ally) Field
    | Reply

    My dear sweet pea, Natalie,
    Our friendship meant the absolute world to me. You were one of the few people in the world who truly understood me and we could share and see each other’s battles. I am so glad we said we loved each other before you passed; and despite missing you every day for the rest of my life, I know you will live on in our hearts and the stardust that we are made of- a quote by Nikita Gill that we shared during one admission together. Nat, you were such a brave, courageous, empathetic, kind hearted soul, who bought so much kindness and love and joy into my life. You were a bright light in so many ways- you lit up a room, the world, and the ward. I am deeply honoured to have known you and to call you a close friend. I wish you peace and freedom now, and I know you will always be watching over us all, and holding our hands through the dark times ahead, as you did for everyone else whilst you were alive. You had some much grace and presence, love and respect for each and every individual. Nat, I love you, now and forever. We will always be bonded, and I know your spirit will live on in those who loved you. And Nat, there were so many who love you. And so many who miss you deeply. Rest In Peace now, sweet girl. I hope the pain no longer hurts you. I miss you so much, but I know you are in the stars, all we have to do is look up and see your bright light continue to shine.
    Love now and forever,

  6. Jessie O’Meara
    | Reply

    Dear beautiful (on the inside and the outside) Nat,

    I am very blessed that I had the opportunity to cross paths with you. Truely I am so lucky ! Our love of dance and drama bonded us from the start and I loved watching your show reels and discussing creative things!

    Although we met each other while we were both in a tough time I felt happy in your presence. And to stay friends beyond that was amazing. And I’m so grateful !

    Coffee dates will be missed and just seeing your kind face and glowing energy ! I will also miss seeing what funky fashion you have ! It always made me smile !

    I hope you find some peace and rest that you deserve. You were are and always will be a beautiful soul and I cherish knowing you.

    Love forever and always Jessie

  7. Chloe
    | Reply

    Beautifully vibrant Nat,

    We only spent a couple of weeks together when I came to Melbourne from Perth for treatment. You filled those brief couple of weeks with endless laughter, kindness and hugs. Thank you for sharing the endless love and support you always radiated. Darling girl I hope you are finally at peace and your mind quiet. I will keep fighting in memory of you x

  8. Sarah B
    | Reply

    I have been thinking about you all week – and realising how much my life has been touched by you even through the little time we spent together or knew each other for.
    I wish you were here to see how many people you touched in ways that you will never know, and that your heart and spirit live on in the people you showed unconditional love to.
    My heart hurts to think that someone so beautiful and special to this world isn’t here anymore, but I just will not accept that you are completely lost. I will see you in the stars, the things around me, and in the memories. I will see you as I remember how you taught me to fight and keep believing in recovery, even though you had so many of your own battles you were silently fighting.
    Loved by so many and never forgotten, you are safe now and I pray you are at peace xxx

  9. Eevee/soy lind
    | Reply

    As we cried together, laughed together and played games together; we all forever knew you to be a true wonder. You have always been an angel. I hope you knew this. We will forever love you and miss you

  10. Heather Craig
    | Reply

    My heart is broken. For this world, and a loving family to lose you, a precious angel is beyond unfair. I hope that you can know that the kindness that you endlessly shared despite your own pain touched many, so many, and will never NEVER be forgotten. Natalie, dear Nat, you made a difference. To me, and all. You could not be with us to enjoy the long life you so deserved, but my love, while we had the blessing that was you, we were all lucky.

    My love to Bren, and all family and friends xxx

  11. Alex Vaughan
    | Reply

    I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your beautiful daughter, sister and friend. I photographed Natalie in 2016 and we stayed in touch over the years. Particularly last year. Templetots was warm and engaging, funny, generous and empathic. She sparkled. Natalie spoke so openly about her challenges from our first meeting. I always admired her vulnerability and honesty. She fought on for so long despite her demons. What incredible grit. She loved and cherished her family and friends and I know was particularly grateful for her Mum’s dedication and support. I’m so sorry you’re all having to endure her loss. x

  12. Ally
    | Reply

    Beautiful Nat,

    I’m so lucky to have met you a few years ago , I have spent weeks of my life with you over the last few years in the clinic. You are such a shining bright lovely person. We went through tough times together but you always were great company and made me laugh (everyone actually!). I’m so glad we really got to know each other even more last year.
    You truely were just such a genuine caring person, anyone who met you was lucky to have spent time with you.
    May you Rest In Peace darling girl, I hope your in a wonderful place now and never feel any pain again.
    Love you and miss you very much x

  13. Samarah
    | Reply

    Beautiful Nat. Your kind and loving soul brought so much insight, light and love to the world. I’m so so heartbroken but lucky to have spent special moments together that I will always cherish. You brought light and hope into so many people’s lives with your thoughtfulness and love for others. Rest in peace beautiful girl.

  14. Taylor
    | Reply

    Beautiful Natalie,

    Thank you for gracing my life with your smile, laugh and undying support during what was one of the worst times in my life. I’ll never forget your vibrant soul and colourful personality. I hope you know you were an angel on earth and I’m sorry that I couldn’t have had the impact on you that you did on me. I hope wherever you are now, you’ve finally found peace. I’ll miss you xx

  15. Daniella
    | Reply

    Natalie, thank you for gracing my life with your energy, love, care and warmth. You were there to lift me up in a time when I need it most. I cherish the time I had with you, you have no idea how much of an impact you had on who I am today. I hope you are at peace, your beautiful soul will never be forgotten.

  16. Tess
    | Reply

    Natalie was special, she was golden and made everyone’s life better for being in it. It’s been a few years since I had the pleasure of seeing Nat, and will forever regret not reconnecting sooner. I will always cherish her memory and strive to be better because of her.

  17. Dee
    | Reply

    Oh my darling girl. You made it, you left this world, you got your Angel wings and flew away to watch over us in the night sky.

    You made my life, my time, my recovery…you made me believe, you made me dream, you made me song and inspired me.

    All these years and every now and then I would Renner the glorious smile, the talent, the wit, those bright a d sparkles eyes. I’d then check out your page. To see that beautiful smile and refresh the glorious memories.

    May you rest in piece you beautiful soul. May you not be in pain. May you know no struggle anymore.

    Had you only been able to see yourself through the eyes of others – in on all your glory, beauty inside and out – see how special you were.

    Fly away now, you beautiful angel – and until some time soon!

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