Warner, Lil Helen

Lil Helen Warner

20.06.1954 – 30.05.2021

Loving, loved, lovely Lilli brought the world ‘whole face smiles’ and ‘chitty-chats’. Lil was the epitome of ‘strength through adversity’.

Lil was a teacher to those that asked, a mother to those who needed, and a friend to all.

A doting Mum to L-J, Mel and Tim they couldn’t be prouder of her own life and accomplishments.

Guiding support and step-mum to Joel. A second mum to Mike, Dan and Shan who loved her open arms. Story reader and hugger to her little ‘grandies’ Sia, Ayla, Leonardo and Pippa.

Lil is survived by her caring and much-loved older sisters Nancy and Pina, and Brothers-in-law Malcolm and Dominic. She doted on her nieces and nephews Felicia, Julie Ann, Allison and Adrian and their growing families. Lil also enjoyed her cheeky childhood growing up with her nephews, Elio and Dennis.

Such is the strength and tenaciousness of the amazing Lil, her 8-year battle with cancer ended but her spirit and lessons of ‘how to do life when it is shit’ remain floating in the universe and touching the souls of all she knew.

Lil’s light was brighter than sunshine.


A Celebration of Lil's Life will be held at the Yarra Rangers Estate,

39 Coulson Road, Monbulk on Friday July 2nd, 2021 commencing at 11am

For those that wish to spend time with Lil, a viewing will be held prior to the service from 10am - 10:45am.

        Lil's Life Celebration will be livestreamed, please click on the link below to view her service


Due to COVID19 Restrictions, it is important you RSVP if you will be attending Lil's service. 

To RSVP Click here https://www.eventcreate.com/e/lilwarnerfuneral

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, if you would like to make a donation, please find the link below or envelopes will be available on the day.


Please leave a tribute message and/or your favourite story of Lil. We know there are so many lives lived in her short one and we want to hear them all!

29 Tributes

  1. Angelina Bandiera
    | Reply

    Our deepest condolences and sending you love from the Garro family 💕

    • Laura-Jayne
      | Reply

      Thanks so much Angelina.

  2. Nicole Smart
    | Reply

    I loved meeting Lil by jumping the back fence to come over for a cuppa. I watched kittens being born at her house, had teachers coaching, went on holiday to Gippsland, but above all Lil was a terrific friend to Mum (Nessie) and I.
    Lil was a never ending source of love, compassion and big hugs.
    My condolences to all that had the privilege of knowing Lil, forever missed x

    • Laura-Jayne
      | Reply

      Thanks Nicole. It really was a special neighbour friendship hey? Kittens being born?! I didn’t know the cat had kittens! I thought it was best friends with a dog!

  3. Paula Bagnato
    | Reply

    We love you Aunty Lil 💖 Always entering the spirit of things with ease, such a fun caring being who made a lasting impression on all the lives you touched.
    We loved being with you and there was never a complaint from you but a positive look at life at every turn.
    You genuinely care for all those that came into your life and we appreciate all the things you did for all of the lives you touched.
    We will miss you 💖 Melissa, Laura-Jayne, Tim and Nancy my thoughts are will you.
    Much Love, Paula

    • Laura-Jayne
      | Reply

      She really did rise above it all to get the best from herself and those around her. Thanks Paula.

  4. Emma Cornwall
    | Reply

    So much love from our family to yours ❤️ Beautiful to read about such a special woman. We feel very lucky to have met her.

    • Laura-Jayne
      | Reply

      I am so glad that you met her Emma. Thank-you for sitting and chatting with her and getting to know her. x

  5. Rosie Johnson
    | Reply

    Lil was such a shining light & a very valued member of Melbourne Eastern Region LETS. She will be sorely missed by many
    My condolences to her family. RIP dear Lil 💕

    • Laura-Jayne
      | Reply

      Thanks Rosie. She really enjoyed the LETS community.

  6. Sharon Wilson
    | Reply

    As an aide, I worked alongside Lil for 2 years with a group of very difficult students. We had the best times.
    Lil was always able to find a fun and positive outlook on some quite difficult situations.
    We were supposed to have ‘circle time’ each day to help the children communicate and share feelings with each other.
    Hmmmm after an unsuccessful week, Lil decided food was the answer, as Lil said “we all eat!”
    The first day Lil brought in a pommegranite. We all felt it, shook it, tasted it and discussed it. Success!
    It was everybody’s favourite time of day.
    The children began to bring in something to share each day.
    Lil was always able to think ‘outside the box’ and turn a negative into a positive.

    • Mel
      | Reply

      Thanks for this lovely story Sharon. Of course the answer was food! Mum was always very thoughtful and creative in her approaches to difficult situations. It seems this situation was no different.

    • Laura-Jayne
      | Reply

      I love this story about Mum! Thank-you.

  7. Julianne Bagnato
    | Reply

    Aunty Lil, thank you for being such a bright, shining light in my life. You always, from childhood right through to our last visit, made me feel so valued and special, and Ivy has always felt the same. Even when your own life wasn’t going as planned, you had so much energy and love for those around you. We miss you and will always remember how you made us feel loved. Lots a luv – Jules, Dan and Ivy. xoxo

    • Laura-Jayne
      | Reply

      Thanks Jules. She loved you so much. Always a very proud Aunty between you, Ivy and Dan. x

  8. Suzanne Biviano
    | Reply

    Thinking of you today Lil 🥰 on our birthday weekend 🌸💞
    I am so grateful that we got to have some wonderful chats and shared our hopes and dreams for our lovely kids ❤️ You will always be a part of my family too 💞
    You will be very sadly missed by us all ❤️
    Sending lots of love 💕

    • Melissa Chambers
      | Reply

      Thanks Sue, Mum did love a catch up with you! We are so very grateful that you got to know each other and share so many special parts of life.

  9. Caterina Moleta
    | Reply

    Beautiful Lily, I have fond memories of working with you in my parents fruit shop, in Bairnsdale, you always came home during your university holidays. Your joyous smile lit up a room. My condolences to your family. May you rest in peace.

    • Laura-Jayne
      | Reply

      Oh Caterina! Mum has fond memories of the fruit shop. We love stories from that time of her life!

  10. Gabrielle Lindsey
    | Reply

    Lil was a fabulous lady and friend .
    She helped me when I was doing dialysis. Lil would make food for my family on Fridays because she new I would be tired , being end of week and after another treatment.
    I remember the time we were doing meals on wheels and Lil Reversed into a parked car.
    Omg . We thought we would be in big trouble.
    We didn’t get into to much trouble.
    Sending you a big hug Lil.
    Until we meet again xx 🤗

    • Laura-Jayne
      | Reply

      This is so lovely, and actually made me giggle Gabrielle…Mum and little car bingles! Ahhh, she always had top cover for sure! I am so glad that she was able to help you out too, she really loved food and knew how to cook for a crowd. x

  11. Nancy Bagnato
    | Reply

    Dear Lil, I am so very grateful to have had such a beautiful caring Little Sis.
    You showed us so much love and we always felt cherished by you. 💛
    You were a ray of sunshine to our four children (And later to their children). I can hear you laughing and chatting playing board and card games,”stacks on the mill,” or reading story books in your vivacious animated voice. You were a loving supporter of Mal (Baggy) sometimes to my disadvantage 🤣
    I admired how you brought up your own three beautiful children with such courage and integrity mixed with lots of love.
    You were full of life and very social which sometimes translated into mischief as in secondary school when you and your “friends” precariously balanced the teachers table on the edge of the platform so that when she went to sit everything went flying!!
    Your social nature was evident when you were just three. You “ran away” from home to go play with our little neighbour friend, Sammy who live half a mile down the country road.
    I loved the way you elequantly described things in such detail.
    So many things I loved about you Little Sis. Can’t tell how much I miss you. 💔
    In so many ways you were my hero.
    Love you forever.

    • Melissa Chambers
      | Reply

      Lovely memories Aunty Nancy. Maybe you can teach us “stacks on the Mill”! We know what a big gap Mum leaves but we are so grateful she was able to make so many memories with you.

  12. Felicia Dragvik
    | Reply

    Aunty Lil ❤
    You were one of my first teachers and I like to think that I was one of your first students. Long before you went to teacher’s college you were teaching me.

    I would get butterflies waiting for your visits, you were always the best fun. New games, new books, new tricks. You taught me that ice-cream must be stirred until it is liquid and drunk and that vegemite is required on a salad sandwich. You taught me to make human pyramids and that if you stand in a doorway and press your arms hard against the sides for a few minutes when you step out of the doorway your arms float up… you were my Mary Poppins. You were also a place I knew I was loved, heard and safe and there is no greater gift than that, thank you.💕

    Your love for me was seamlessly extended to Oivind and the girls when they came along and they love you too.

    As I got older I realised you weren’t always having an easy time; I still don’t know how you managed as well as you did. You then became an inspiration to me for getting on with it and not just making the most of it but living with enthusiasm, love and purpose in spite of your circumstances. Your kids are a testament to this, they are amazing and all have your grit and determination. They are our connection to you in our family, we will always love them and their beautiful families.

    Thanks for the lessons the fun and the love.
    I’m going to miss you and I will always love you. xx

    • Melissa Chambers
      | Reply

      Thanks for sharing Felicia. She indeed was one crazy lady, often looking for fun. She was so proud of you and your family and all that you have achieved.

  13. Julie Mauger
    | Reply

    My Dearest Cherished Friend Lil,
    33 years of cuppas and chats! Single mums bringing up our kids, working, supporting each other. Your ‘break your face smile’ was always there. Always supportive, we listened to each others ‘stuff’ of immeasurable topics. I saw you be the best mum in the world to your beautiful children, I saw you put in more hours than I could count towards your work and the children you loved teaching. I saw the way you were so good to many people over the years, and often not just in a small way. Put the heavenly kettle on my friend, I’ll be there at some point for that cuppa, and a long chat. I love you Lil.

    • Melissa Chambers
      | Reply

      Julie, we honestly don’t know how Mum would have done life without you in our early years. You were such beautiful friends to each other. Thanks for the love you showered her (and us with). We are all so lucky you were friends.

  14. Fiona
    | Reply

    I was so proud and amazed (not surprisingly) to witness such a loving farewell to you, my gorgeous friend of so many years. We were family in so many ways; I held each of your children in my arms within hours of their birth and in their formative years was there to love and support both you and them in both happy and difficult times. LJ reminded me recently that I have and will always be a significant and lovingly remembered part of their lives. This brought me to tears. Please know from now on I won’t be a stranger to them, if they so desire.
    I remember when I first went to Europe and on one cold, rainy miserable afternoon in London I was mysteriously drawn into a Mothercraft store and bought a sweet little baby outfit ….. then later that evening I rang you and told you what I had done. You were silent for some time (in itself significant 😜) and then proceeded to tell me that you had just found out you were pregnant – with LJ and that you had only minutes earlier told Michael! That was a true indication of the close bond we shared. I will always treasure the fun times we had and the multitude of warm special memories we and LJ, Melissa and Tim shared shared. Rest easy, my friend. Much love. Catch you on the other side❤️

    • Melissa Chambers
      | Reply

      Fiona, you were such a fun and caring part of our lives. Mum was often laughing when she was with you, and so were we. Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories, it means a lot. You are always welcome in lives xo

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