Wilson, Bruce Sutherland

Bruce Sutherland Wilson

13th June 1943 ~ 14th November 2021

The Funeral Service to Celebrate Bruce's Life will

be held on FRIDAY 26th November at 2:30pm.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions Bruce's service will be live streamed.

To view the streaming of the service please visit the link below.



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  1. Alec Trikash
    | Reply

    Bruce was a wonderful gentleman who was always happy to pass on his advice and provide mentoring to his younger colleagues. I enjoyed working with him and hearing his stories about his bird competitions and Scotland ! Gone from this physical world but left an indelible positive memory on all those he touched. In loving memory

  2. Raymond Setchell
    | Reply

    I still remember Bruce sitting with me when I first joined Toll, to his credit gave me some great advise that I have taken on with my career. Bruce was also very professional in his approach and definitely will be missed by many. RIP

  3. Doug Noonan
    | Reply

    I was fortunate enough to work closely with Bruce for almost 4 years. Sitting next to Bruce over that time provided some of my most treasured work life memories. We shared a passion for horse racing which often dominated our conversations and trading hard luck stories was a common way to start our week. Bruce was a grounding influence on me and was always the one I would seek out when I needed advice. A legend in my eyes.

  4. Glenys and Laurie
    | Reply


    We solved many day to day issues Bruce with our weekly meetings and chinwags.

    Our thoughts are with Judy and family.

  5. Nori Itoh
    | Reply

    Bruce, it isn’t possible to tell an Australian life of my family without meeting you when we lived in Melbourne. You brought my family in the Australian nature anytime. My hobby of Wooden Bird Carving as the pleasure after retirement is influenced by you who loves birds. You live even now in mind of my family. Please watch us from the sky, Bruce.
    Nori from Japan

  6. Thomas Wilson
    | Reply

    Many memories of my Bother Bruce, his passion for his Family, he enjoyed life and his trips with Judy and of course his trips back to Scotland where we could meet up, he had a varied working life but always gave it his best, he will be sadly missed by his many friends in the Budgie World and the Horse Racing which he loved from an early age we had many a good/bad day at the bookies but always had a laugh whatever the result. Our thoughts and love to Judy and all the family. Tom & Lynne. Kim Wilson,Adrian & Dagmar Wilson , Debbie Wilson, Joanne & Mike Katchi and all our Grandchildren.

  7. Cam Paxton
    | Reply

    Just a quality human, enjoyed all opportunities to spend time with Bruce. One of the good guys, condolences to Bruce’s Family.

  8. Stephen
    | Reply

    Bruce’s impact on my life was nothing short of direct and profound. I would not have my career now if it was not for his intervention and kindness. I had the opportunity to work close by him for many years and he would always talk with affection and pride about the exploits of all his grandchildren, or Scotland, or budgerigars. It was hard for him to suffer fools (of which we new some) and in turbulent times he was an island of calmness in a stormy sea. Overall, he was my friend and I am very thankful for our brief time together. RIP

  9. Ian Girvan
    | Reply

    I had the pleasure of counting Bruce as a work colleague, mentor and friend and he’s someone for whom I have nothing but respect. He had a profound impact on my working life and was a wonderful mentor for me and the people in the teams I managed. He was a person I trusted implicity and who guided me with thoughtful and considered advice, regularly reminding me: ‘Walk towards the tension Ian, walk towards the tension’. I found Bruce to be loyal and passionate, particularly when it came to talking about his beloved budgies and he also had a generous spirit, freely giving of his time and resources to help and support others (I’ve never seen him happier than the day I turned up on his doorstep to get my daughter a budgie, our first family pet bird… there was delight in his eyes knowing he’d converted another family to be budgie lovers !). I feel incredibly fortunate to have had Bruce as part of my life. A true Scottish Gentlemen, dearly missed.

  10. Peter Loimaranta
    | Reply

    A true gentleman who from a business aspect was always fair, honest, reasonable and co-operative. Was a pleasure to work with

  11. Linda Bray
    | Reply

    Bruce was my older cousin and he was a lovely kind man with a gentle nature and I have many lovely memories of him, right from when I first arrived from Canada at the age of seven, to when we saw both Bruce and Judy on their last visit to Scotland.

    They stayed with us for a few days on that visit and we had such a lovely time visiting old haunts and both sharing memories and hearing stories about their lives in Australia. I am so glad I had that time with them both to remember him by.

    I will always remember that enigmatic smile (a bit like the Mona Lisa) and his typical Edinburgh sense of humour, both quick witted and sometimes dry.

    I am so very sad that he has gone and also very sad for Judy who I know loved him very much. Our thoughts and love are with Judy and all the family. Linda, Martin and family.

  12. Bill Symes
    | Reply

    Bruce, gentleman scallywag.
    Respected by all, trusted for advice and missed by all.
    Many good battles in business with Bruce at your back, you just couldn’t lose.
    Lot’s of great conversations about life, family, budgies, racing and fools!
    We had a lot of fun making it all work.
    A true mentor who freely gave sage advice.
    A very good friend.
    A very good man.
    Rest in Peace Bruce.
    Condolences to Judy and the Wilson clan

  13. Colin Flanagan
    | Reply

    Bruce, you have been a real heavy lifter for the bird game Dandenong diploma shows and auctions, J&S Subcommittee, and National show team carer for ever, my birds were always better with your care.

    My fondest memory is walking with you reviewing the clearwing class at the shields and national shows, you pushed me to breed better and my birds are better for your feedback and enthusiasm for that class.

    Im really going to miss you Bruce, hopefully you have some clearwings to cater for up there, RIP mate.

    Love to Judy and family

  14. Amy Brown
    | Reply

    Dearest Bruce
    It was such a pleasure to work with you and to know you.
    You had a wonderful, wicked sense of humour, coupled with a desire to work hard and do the right thing.
    Thoughts and love to Bruce Jnr and families.
    Amy Brown

  15. Penny Watters
    | Reply

    Uncle Bruce was my Aunty Dorothy’s husband and my Dad’s best friend for all of my young life. Etched into my memory are the many happy evenings we all spent together, telling stories and laughing. He was a big part of our lives. When he suddenly stopped being in our lives, for us (especially my Dad Robert Watters) it was like a death. We grieved for him then. We’re grieving again now and will continue missing his presence in our lives. Rest in Peace Uncle Bruce.

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