Edwards, Lois Anne

Lois Anne Edwards

5th April 1934 ~ 3rd May 2021

A Service to Celebrate the Life of Lois Anne Edwards will be held in

 in the Wilson Chapel at Springvale Botanical Cemetery

on Wednesday May 12th, 2021 at 11:15am.

Following the service Lois will be laid to rest in the St. Padre Pio, Mausoleum.

To view the streaming of Lois's service, please click on the link below


Password is edwards12052021


To view the streaming of Lois's interment, please click on the link below


11 Tributes

  1. Tom
    | Reply

    Lois, forever and loving wife of Ron, beautiful mother to Roslyn and Gary, proud and amazing nanna to David, Gemma and Cora and loving grate nanna to Delilah. Your beautiful soul has touched us all in some way, your cheerful and happy spirit will live on in all who had the privilege of knowing you, your laugh put a smile on our faces. What will live with me forever, is the smile I received as soon as I arrived at your door, how you always made me feel so welcome, how you always talked so highly of me, how excited you were to see the result of the haircut I gave you and always praised me on what a good job it was, the way you used to come over to David’s and touch the plants to see what they were and tell us the names, the love you had for your family- you really were such a proud mother and nanna. I was deeply saddened to hear of your passing and I know how much your loved ones are hurting, you can rest and be happy in knowing though, that the love they shared for you, is and will always be unsurpassed. You are and were the rock in most of their lives and You will always live on in our hearts. You’ve left an imprint on every person you have met. You will be truly missed but never forgotten!

    • David
      | Reply

      Thank you for being apart of Nanas life. She loved you very much. I still can’t believe she’s gone, I can’t accept it and my heart is feeling empty without her. 🥺 your words are just beautiful! Thanks you! Xoxo

  2. Kylie & Anne Warren
    | Reply

    Mum & myself are so saddened to hear of the Passing of Lois.
    May Lois be watching over you all over the next few months why you all come to terms with the grief and lose of such an amazingly Beautiful Lady.
    Our thoughts are with you all during this saddened time especially Ron, Roz, Gary, David, Gemma and Dalilah x

    May you all find comfort within one another and may you all cherish the Beautiful memorys that you have of such a beuatiful lady.
    She might be gone but her memory will always live on x

    • David
      | Reply

      This is lovely! Our hearts are broken losing Nana so unexpectedly when she didn’t need to go yet 🙁 so thanks for knowing and loving nana and being there for us yesterday. Thank you xoxo

  3. David
    | Reply

    To my beloved Nana Lois.
    No words I write will ever comprehend just how much love I have for you. You have been my rock through so many challenging times in my life, you have been my stability, you have been my inspiration. You are one of a kind, you never to get muddled up in he said she said situations, never to be involved in any kind of conflict or drama. It doesn’t feel right that you’re gone and I’m struggling to accept that it was your time, because I just don’t understand why this couldn’t have been stopped from happening and it will haunt me until I get to see you again. I’ve been so proud of you, doing everything by yourself with no help, looking after Pa and keeping everything in perfect, organised spotless order at home. You’re my role model and I hope I get to make you proud. I’ve been lucky to have you for the 35years of my existence, but 35 years is not long enough when it’s someone like you. What Tom has written sums up so much about you, and I couldn’t have said it better myself which I know is why you always had the utmost love for him and thought he was such a lovely boy, because he is. Oh Nana, the past week has been the hardest week of my life and I’m not out of the clouds yet, but I know you will keep trying to give me the strength to get through each day, but each day without you just feels unnatural. How am I going to brag now that my 87yo Nana has hardly any greys and still mostly has her natural brown hair, how am I going to brag about how young you look for your age, how am I going to brag about what a marvel you are, I’m not ready for you to go yet, I thought I still had a few years left. You used to look after me a lot when I was little while mum was working, I’m glad I was able to help you out sometimes over the past few years even though you never asked for a thing!! Anyway, I know I’m just mumbling now, but my heart is broken, I love you so much and I will miss you for the rest of my life. As you said to me…I’m now saying it to you.. My ❤️ 👖4 U. P.S. please stay with me and give me more signs so I know you’re with me. I love you ❤️ I may write more when I can actually think straight😭 xoxoxo

  4. Jay
    | Reply

    God took you in his loving arms he saw you needed rest his garden must be beautiful, for he only takes the best. Rest in peace nana Lois xoxo 💕💐💐

    • David
      | Reply

      This is lovely! Our hearts are broken losing Nana so unexpectedly when she didn’t need to go yet 🙁 so thanks for knowing and loving nana and being there in spirit yesterday. Thank you xoxo

  5. Dan
    | Reply

    Today we celebrated Nana Lois’s life. She had a special ability to make people around her laugh and she passed on this good quality to her children and grandchildren. I can always see the reflection of her through the beautiful family she and pa Ron raised. She may not be around us anymore but her spirits live on.
    Nana Lois, hope you are resting in peace in heaven. You will be forever missed. xxx

    • David
      | Reply

      This is lovely! Our hearts are broken losing Nana so unexpectedly when she didn’t need to go yet 🙁 so thanks for knowing and loving nana and being there for us yesterday. Thank you xoxo

  6. Gemma
    | Reply

    Dear nana, I’m just sitting here with pa now and all I can hear you saying is “Ron leave ya head alone” haha he is sitting in your chair so he can be close to you ( even though I know you would be furious he’s in your chair )
    He misses you so much 😢
    Your strength and kindness and sense of humour will live on in all of us, there will not be a day that we do not think of you.
    Until we meet again nana Lois
    love you always xoxo

  7. David
    | Reply

    Here’s another one for you Nana that I posted on my facey today.

    Dear Nana Lois.

    On the 03/05/21, we lost the heart of our small little Harris/Edwards family. Since then, I’ve barely coped. On the day, I ran over to you, I remember praying and saying no no no, and when the paramedics gave me that dreadful news, I felt like I had died inside and I still can’t believe or understand why this had to happen.

    I’ve been so busy with Gemma organising everything and looking after pa while crying all day everyday with you not leaving my thoughts for 1 second, this morning is the first morning I’ve had to just breathe, and although I’m balling at this very moment, I can feel you giving me strength with this calming feeling that’s kicking in everytime I break down, please keep helping me as I still have a little way to go before I can try and get back to normal and face this world without you being here as my comfort zone when everything is too stressfull for me.

    You hated photos and we always had to BEG you to be in any at all, and I’m glad we did because I could post a million photos of you and how great you looked.

    I remember your shuffling up and down the hallway in your slippers, I remember when we were in the car and Pa would hop out to drop off or pick up his work or if we were just somewhere in the car and pa had got out, you would pull out your yellow cloth from your bag and reach over and wipe the steering wheel and say “ohhhh will you look at that, it’s black, what a grub” 🤣 your stories about the early days in tassie when you saw a snake and had to run and go the long way around, when the bus boy in tassie had the hots for you, I remember you telling us about when you used to go to the dance balls, I remember your hair dressing stories and everyday when I look at the MU building in the city I think of you, I remember your cooking, especially your apricot chicken and chop suey, ohhh and your jelly whip. I remember having a red or a sherry with you, I remember you looking after me while mum was working when I was little and never sleeping and hopping up everytime you would peak through the door to see if I was asleep, I remember nagging you to take us to chaddy all the time so you could buy us something, I remember Target being your favourite shop, I remember bragging to everyone how you’re 87 and still don’t have grey hair and you would say ohh there’s a few coming through now 🤣 (which was hardly any btw) I remember how much you LOVE your plants and your garden and how organised and perfectly clean you have everything at home. I remember how you would always order whiting when we went out for lunch, I remember how proud you were of my garden and how proud you were of me keeping everything in order and clean at home despite how much I work and spend in travel time away from home, I just remember how much of a great nana you were. You’ve been an inspiration to me.

    You never had a bad word to say about ANYONE and always said there is no point speaking badly about people because it doesn’t do any good, you were the most peaceful person I know and I could talk for days on end about how great you are.

    You have been a marvel, looking after Pa Ron every day of your life since you met 72 years ago, and even up until you sat down last Monday after finishing your housework, everything perfectly sorted and in its place at your home, with everything as spotless as can be with not a spec of dust to be seen right up until the very end 😢

    I don’t understand why this happened 😞 and saying goodbye yesterday was terribly hard, but I hope we did you proud, it’s now time for me to heal and I can hear you saying, I was happy to go anyway, but I know if you saw me upset you would also just hug me and not rush me to be ok, you’d probably just say “awwww, poor thing, I know it’s horrible isn’t it” I don’t know when I’ll be able to get a good nights sleep again as you’re just constantly in my mind.

    Thank you to everyone that came or watched Nans farewell yesterday, I couldn’t have done it without knowing I had some of my closest people in my life there in person as well as watching online sending us strength to get through such a hard couple of hours.

    I will love and miss you for the rest of my life Nana Lois 😭

    Lois Anne Edwards 05/04/1934 – 03/05/2021

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